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Snakepit Video Roundtable Episode 55

Talking trade deadline and other things this week.

Snakepit Video Roundtable Episode 54

The panel discusses the week in Diamondbacks, or the Star Wars canon, or the totally real reality show "Married at First Sight" which is exactly what it sounds like.

Snakepit Video Roundtable Episode 53

More like All-Star Brake am I right?

Snakepit Video Roundtable Episode 52

We just learned that soco was traded to Bless You Boys for a commenter who is quick on Hitler comparisons. Might not be fair value.

Remembering the Yarnell 19: Wade Parker

Baseball helps one Arizona family recover from the tragic events of a year ago, when the Yarnell wildfire claimed the lives of 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots.

Snakepit Video Roundtable Episode 51

We play Diplomacy. soco cheats.

Snakepit Video Roundtable Episode 50

Fifty episodes? That's 49 more episodes than the previous Snakepit podcast: "AZBombers hurls insults at angry rhinos"

Touki Toussaint news conference at Chase Field

Diamondbacks 2014 1st-round draft pick, Touki Toussaint is presented to the media, with a news conference in Phoenix.

Snakepit Video Roundtable Episode 49

Bronson Arroyo is totally fine, you guys.

Snakepit Video Roundtable Episode 48

Talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk.

The Wild Card: Gibson/Trammell vs. Trammell/Gibson

In another run of the HB2 Simulator, we pit this year's Diamondbacks against the worst team of my particular lifetime. Now with video!

Snakepit Video Roundtable Episode 47

Pollock, the draft. These are two things I am assuming will be discussed on this episode of the Roundtable.

Snakepit Video Roundtable Episode 46

I mean, does anybody read this description? I could post a bunch of Hawthorne Heights lyrics here and it wouldn't matter.....YOU KNOW YOU DO YOU KILL ME WELL

Snakepit Video Roundtable Episode 45

Diamondbacks talk on video for the 45th time on this website. Actually, the 46th counting that Upton trade one we did in January of 2013. 48th if you count the two test shows that the public will never see.

Tony La Russa press conference at Chase

This afternoon, new Chief Baseball Officer Tony La Russa was introduced to the media by owner Ken Kendrick and team president Derrick Hall, and answered questions from the press.

Snakepit Video Roundtable Episode 44

*Insert witty blurb here, there's been 44 of these you know what's what at this point*

Fun times on video.

Snakepit Video Roundtable Episode 42

Four reprobates talk about the Diamondbacks. Guaranteed Bear-free

Snakepit Video Roundtable Episode 41

The world is a dark and lonely place.

Snakepit Video Roundtable Episode 40

Snakepit Video Roundtable Episode 39


Snakepit Video Roundtable Ep 38: Opening Day Redux

We're so close to meaningful baseball in our own hemisphere, we can practically feel it. And talk about it. Let's go.

Snakepit Video Roundtable Episode 37

We talk on video about the Australia series, and anything really.

Diamondbacks walk to Sydney Cricket Ground

After the team bus got a flat tire, the Diamondbacks decided they might as well walk the rest of the way to the park for tonight's game!

Diamondbacks climbing Sydney Harbor Bridge

Some of the Diamondbacks climbed Sydney Harbor Bridge. Here's footage of the adventure, and some high-altitude comments from Cliff Pennington, Will Harris and J.J. Putz.

Josh Collmenter down under

Always fun to hear from Collmenter. Here's an interview with Fox Sports Australia. Do you think they might mention the "Win a date with Josh:" competition? I've a feeling they might....

Diamondbacks in Australia, Day 1

The Diamondbacks arrived in Australia, and were whisked away to see Sydney Harbor Bridge before getting a tour the Sydney Cricket Ground where they'll play against the Dodgers, and having their first light workout on the park itself.

Time-lapse video of Sydney conversion

From Fox Sports, here's a video that shows the process of transitioning the iconic Sydney Cricket Ground into the venue for Saturday's contest to open the season between the Diamondbacks and Dodgers.

Snakepit Video Roundtable Episode 36: You See Hell

We talk Patrick Corbin's injury, who should replace him, what 3/5ths of the panel are drinking, and why Jim is such a traitory traitor who traits.

Patrick Corbin discusses his UCL injury

In a very sad press conference at Salt River Fields this afternoon, a clearly upset Patrick Corbin discussed the lead-up to his UCL injury, and what the future may hold in terms of recovery from the tear of his UCL

Towers and Perez discuss the reliever signing

It was officially announced yesterday that the Diamondbacks had signed Oliver Perez. The new player and GM Kevin Towers met the media before last night's game at Salt River Fields to talk about the new signing.

Snakepit Video Roundtable Episode 35

This week we'll discuss Oliver Perez, Bronson Arroyo's pain, Strat-o-Matic Baseball, and whatever else comes to mind (probably Star Wars, if we're honest.)