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The Bard’s Take: 2017 MLB Draft - Jordon Adell

Another two-way prep star with top-ten talent.

Baseball: Under Armour All-America Baseball Game David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Name: Jordon “Jo” Adell

Age: 18 (April 8,1999)

Height: 6’ 3”

Weight: 205 lbs.

Position: OF (R/R)

Affiliation: Ballard HS (KY) committed to Louisville

Another example of a two-way prep star with the stuff as both a pitcher and a hitter to be a first-rounder either way. Unlike Greene though, Adell’s brightest future is clearly with the bat.

Grades: (Present/Future)

Hit: 45/55 | Power: 55/65 | Run: 65/70 | Field: 60/65 | Overall: 50

The Scouting Report:

Jo Adell has turned many heads this season with a combination of a lightning-quick bat and big raw power. In addition to those skills, Adell possesses plus-plus speed on the bases and in the field. Defensively he has the speed and instincts to stick in center field, while also possessing a big right arm that could play in any right field in the majors. The big knocks on Adell come with regards to his swing. In batting practice, Adell has a beautiful, textbook swing with great lift and smooth follow through. In-game however, Adell loses that smooth swing and becomes reactionary. His swing is less fluid and he generates significantly less lift. This has caused him to occasionally run into trouble, even with better high school pitching. This has raised some concerns over his future projectability. If proper coaching can bring out his batting practice swing for in-game situations, then Adell is a potential all-star center fielder. On the other hand, bad hitting habits are some of the hardest to break, and Adell may need to have his swing overhauled in order to get it where it needs to be in-game. If this becomes the case, he becomes a pick with an all-star ceiling but a complete bust floor.

The Take:

This is not a particularly deep draft and Jordon Adell is still expected to go in the upper half of the first round. He does, however; clearly fall into the second tier of players coming out in the draft. There are no draft circumstances where Arizona is forced to pick from this tier. Nor is Adell going to create any cash savings in terms of signing a below-slot player at seven, as he is a prep player with the lion’s share of the negotiating leverage.

Chances of Jordon Adell being available at pick number seven: Exceptional. The only way he is not available at number seven is if multiple teams ahead of Arizona pick under slot, likely Cincinnati and Tampa Bay.

Chances of Arizona signing him if selected: Great

Should Arizona select him? Despite his talent, Arizona can do better.