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The Bard's Take

Commentary reviewing the current state of the Arizona Diamondbacks by TolkienBard

Introducing Pavin Smith

Pavin Smith met with the media after being selected number seven overall by the Arizona Diamondbacks. Here are some takeaways.

The Bard’s Take: 2017 MLB Draft - Pavin, Haseley, and Bukauskas - Second Look

Following up on the previous scouting reports of three strong candidates for the seventh pick in the draft.

The Bard’s Take: 2017 MLB Draft - Jeren Kendall

Profiling one the toolsiest college players in the draft.

The Bard’s Take: 2017 MLB Draft - Nate Pearson

Covering the second requested below-slot prospect that is quickly rising through the prospect rankings.

The Bard’s Take: 2017 MLB Draft - David Peterson

The first of two rising stock prospects it was requested I profile.

The Bard’s Take: 2017 MLB Draft - MacKenzie Gore

Profiling the best left-handed pitcher in this year’s draft.

The Bard’s Take: 2017 MLB Draft - Royce Lewis

Profiling the best position player from the prep ranks in this season’s draft.

The Bard’s Take: 2017 MLB Draft - Jordon Adell

Another two-way prep star with top-ten talent.

The Bard’s Take: 2017 MLB Draft - Austin Beck

Looking at one of the top prep players available in this year’s draft.

The Bard’s Take: 2017 MLB Draft - Alex Faedo

Profiling one of the two best pitchers with a strong chance of falling to Arizona.

The Bard’s Take: 2017 MLB Draft - Kyle Wright

Kyle Wright checks in as the third player with 1-1 potential. Unlike Greene and McKay though, there are scenarios where he could wind up in Arizona.

The Bard’s Take: 2017 MLB Draft - Brendan McKay

Looking at another two-way player that profiles as a first round pick in either capacity, this one - left-handed.

The Bard’s Take: 2017 MLB Draft - Hunter Greene

Today, we start our scouting reports with one of those less likely to wind up with the Diamondbacks in the draft, but who show up within three slots of Arizona on at least some mock drafts.

The Bard’s Take: Strategies for the Draft

The draft is just over three weeks away. It’s time to start looking at how things could play out for Arizona.

The Bard’s Take: Arizona’s Payroll and Zack Greinke (1 of 2)

It’s no secret that Arizona ownership is too cheap to spend competitively. This limits what the Diamondbacks can do with their payroll. As such, larger contracts are hard to justify keeping. Today we look at why keeping Greinke could still be a good idea.

The Bard’s Take: Hope Springs Eternal

February is here, and if there is any point during the year where it seems appropriate to have hope for the upcoming season, it seems that now would be that time.

The Bard’s Take - GM Candidate Kim Ng

There has been a flurry of discussion about the Arizona Diamondbacks’ GM vacancy, despite no actual movement on the subject other than Alex Anthopolous turning down the invitation to interview for the post.

The Bard’s Take: Early Extension Candidate - Robbie Ray

Looking at a more traditional sort of early extension candidate than last week’s Jake Lamb.

The Bard’s Take: Early Extension Candidate #1 - Jake Lamb

Continuing last week’s discussion where Jake Lamb was identified as one of two current candidates to examine for an early extension in order to ensure financial stability and flexibility for the Diamondbacks moving forward.

The Bard’s Take: Much Ado About Salary - Part 1

It’s no secret the Diamondbacks have very little wiggle room to work with when trying to stick to Ken Kendrick’s seemingly arbitrary $100 million budget. Still, the Diamondbacks have two players that both could be worth paying a bit more to now, in order to save significant money on in the future, when, short of gutting the team, a mere $100 million in payroll will be impossible to achieve.

The Bard’s Take: Time for a Culture Change

What can this season’s losses tell us about the needs for next season?

The Bard’s Take: Greinke Versus the Field - Part 2

Was sigining Zack Greinke the right call? What if the team had chosen multiple lesser talents in order to spread the salary?

The Bard’s Take: September Cups of Coffee

Looking at the potential September call-ups for the Diamondbacks.

The Bard’s Take: Greinke Versus the Field

The Diamondbacks finished the 2015 season with 79 wins but headed into the offseason with a grip of cash and a talented core of players to build around. With being a serious contender for the playoffs so close, yet so far, was signing Zack Greinke to a massive contract the best way to go?

The Bard’s Take: True Talent Level

Is this tream really a cellar-dwellar? Or is this team a marginally competitive one that has been injured?

The Bard’s Take: Accountability - Perception is Reality

Has the time come for changes, no matter how empty or symbolic?

An Interview with Paul Goldschmidt

This week’s Bard’s Take is being pre-empted for a candid interview with the Snake Pit’s favorite first baseman, Paul Goldschmidt. Thanks to Chef's Cut’s publicity drive, the Snake Pit was granted the cahnce to enjoy a rare opportunity to speak with one of the team’s brightest stars.

The Bard’s Take: Let’s Make a Deal

The trade deadline is coming up at the end of the month. Who might be heading out?

The Bard’s Take: A Farewell to (Ziegler’s) Arms

The Arizona Diamondbacks bid farewell to the best releiver they have ever had, sending Brad Ziegler to Boston for a pair of prospects.

The Bard’s Take: O’For an OF

The 2016 season has largely been blamed on the team’s pitching, but the outfield isn’t helping matters one bit.

The Bard’s Take: Salvaging the Final 81 Games

There is still plenty of value to be found in the second half of the season.

The Bards Take: It’s Time to Find Out

There are a number of questions still surrounding potential building blocks for the future of this team. With 94 games to go in a mostly lost season, it’s time to get those questions answered.