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SnakePit 1.0.1

A Minor League Baseball Primer, Part One: Affiliation, Leagues, and Levels

In the first part of this multi part series Wesley Baier breaks down the Minor League Baseball Affiliation system, its different levels and more

SnakePit Slang

Like all insular communities, the SnakePit has its own set of phrases and vernacular that can be confusing for new members. Inside we try to give a little guide to some phrases, ideas, and jokes that might be commonly encountered.

SnakePit Protocol: A Reminder

In the light of recent events, it seems appropriate to remind ALL participants of a few basic principles which should be followed at all times.

SnakePit T-shirts: Now Available

We are delighted to announced the opening of the SnakePit store, offering a small selection of T-shirts, perfect for announcing your undying loyalty and devotion to the SnakePit.

SnakePit 3.0.1 - Rules, Terms, & Posting Guide