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Diamondbacks Previews

Series Previews

Series Preview #50 : Diamondbacks @ Yankees

The Diamondbacks need to win this series.

Series Preview # 41 : Diamondbacks vs Rangers

Momentum Matters. The Diamondbacks have momentum and the Rangers do not.

Series Preview # 30 : Diamondbacks @ Blue Jays

Daulton Varsho, Gabriel Moreno, and Lourdes Gurriel Jr. will play against their former teamates.

Series Preview # 29 : Diamondbacks vs Pirates

Series Preview # 25: Diamondbacks @ Giants

Two teams battle with aspirations to win the NL West.

Series Preview # 19: Diamondbacks vs Braves

This series is about who has the better rotation with three great pitching matchups.

Series Preview # 16 : Diamondbacks @ Phillies

The Diamondbacks’ offensive advantage could be magnified by the Phillies pitching.

Series Preview #12 : Diamondbacks vs Marlins

The Diamondbacks need to win this series with the Marlins to stay ahead of the Mets and the Cubs in the wild card race.

Series Preview #7 : Diamondbacks vs Padres

Will these teams split another series?

Series Preview #3: Diamondbacks vs Dodgers

And the wizard returned.

Series Preview #2 : Diamondbacks @ Padres

These two teams are better than last season.

Series Preview #50: Diamondbacks @ Giants

Time to overtake the Giants.

Series Preview #49: Diamondbacks at Astros

Can this team earn win 72 against two aces and a team already bound for a first-round postseason bye?

Series Preview # 48 : Diamondbacks vs Giants

The Diamondbacks will soon reach 72 wins this season.

Series Preview #45: Dodgers at Diamondbacks

"The Fear Of Loss Is A Path To The Dark Side."

Diamondbacks Series Preview # 40 : Diamondbacks @ White Sox

The Diamondbacks are stretching to reach 72 wins this season.

Series preview # 34 : Diamondbacks vs Rockies

Both teams need to win the series to increase their odds of finishing the season better than last place in the NL West.

Series Preview # 30 : Diamondbacks vs Nationals

I’m confident the Diamondbacks will win this series.

Series Preview # 27 : Diamondbacks vs Rockies

Optimistically I predict that the Diamondbacks’ batters will average at least 4 runs per game at Chase, which could be good enough to win 3 of 4 games at Chase.

Series Preview # 24 : Diamondbacks vs Padres

This two-game series could be a surprisingly competitive.

Series Preview # 21 : Diamondbacks vs Twins

Jose Miranda is a top-100 prospect in his debut season.

Series Preview # 18: Diamondbacks @ Reds

It’s time to repeat the feat.

Series Preview # 15 : Diamondbacks vs Dodgers

The balance of this series will be tipped by one thing: pitching.

Series Preview # 10 : Diamondbacks vs Marlins

The Diamondbacks will likely win this series.

Series Preview # 9 : Diamondbacks vs Rockies

The Diamondbacks will likely win this series.

Series Preview # 6 : Diamondbacks vs Dodgers

The Diamondbacks are playing well and will likely win one game.

Series Preview # 3: Diamondbacks @ Mets

Assuming their bats improve, D-backs have chances to win a game or two against the Mets.

An Optimistic Win Projection for the Diamondbacks

Series Preview for Spring Training Games: Diamondbacks against Rockies

What’s new with the Rockies and Diamondbacks?

Series Preview # 50 : Diamondbacks vs Dodgers & The Wizard Returns

Series Preview # 48 : Diamondbacks @ Astros

This series is between two young teams who will push to win every game.

Series Preview # 44 : Diamondbacks vs Mariners

Although the Mariners have a better bullpen, the other comparisons are interesting.