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Series Previews

World Series Preview #2 : Diamondbacks vs Rangers

NLCS Series Preview #2 : Diamondbacks vs Phillies

NLDS Series Preview #2 : Diamondbacks vs Dodgers

D-backs won two games at Dodgers stadium. Next, the Diamondbacks will play two games at Chase.

Series Preview #51: Diamondbacks @ White Sox

Diamondbacks need to take advantage of a weak opponent before the Astros visit Phoenix.

Series Preview #50 : Diamondbacks @ Yankees

The Diamondbacks need to win this series.

Series Preview #45: Rockies @ Diamondbacks

2023 D-Backs say goodbye to the Rockies.

Series Preview #42: Reds @ Diamondbacks

The rather mediocre Reds come to split a series.

Series Preview # 41 : Diamondbacks vs Rangers

Momentum Matters. The Diamondbacks have momentum and the Rangers do not.

Series Preview # 37 : Diamondbacks vs Dodgers

Two game series can be surprising.

Series Preview # 36: Diamondbacks @ Twins

Will trade deadline moves tip the scales in the Diamondbacks’ favor?

Series Preview #34: Mariners @ Diamondbacks

I can munch mariners all day.

Series Preview #33: Cardinals @ Diamondbacks

Back home!

Series Preview # 30 : Diamondbacks @ Blue Jays

Daulton Varsho, Gabriel Moreno, and Lourdes Gurriel Jr. will play against their former teamates.

Series Preview # 29 : Diamondbacks vs Pirates

Series Preview #26: Rays @ Diamondbacks

We can beat these guys.

Series Preview # 25: Diamondbacks @ Giants

Two teams battle with aspirations to win the NL West.

Series Preview #24: Diamondbacks @ Brewers

Second series of the season against Milwaukee, but not the hot team any more when we faced them the first time.

Series Preview #20: Diamondbacks @ Nationals

You either sweep them or ... you sweep them anyhow.

Series Preview # 19: Diamondbacks vs Braves

This series is about who has the better rotation with three great pitching matchups.

Series Preview #18: Diamondbacks vs Rockies

After a disappointing series against Boston, redemption lies ahead versus the Rockies.

Series Preview # 16 : Diamondbacks @ Phillies

The Diamondbacks’ offensive advantage could be magnified by the Phillies pitching.

Series Preview #14: Diamondbacks @ Athletics

Maybe the last time the Diamondbacks will play in Oakland?

Series Preview #12 : Diamondbacks vs Marlins

The Diamondbacks need to win this series with the Marlins to stay ahead of the Mets and the Cubs in the wild card race.

Series Preview #10: Diamondbacks @ Rangers

Once again we face our other "rivals" from Texas in the "odd-year split interleague series".

Series Preview #8: Royals @ Diamondbacks

Will Greinke once again pitch at Chase for the Royals?

Series Preview #7 : Diamondbacks vs Padres

Will these teams split another series?

Series Preview #4: Brewers @ Diamondbacks

One of the better teams in the MLB visits Arizona.

Series Preview #3: Diamondbacks vs Dodgers

And the wizard returned.

Series Preview #2 : Diamondbacks @ Padres

These two teams are better than last season.

Series Preview #1: Diamondbacks @ Dodgers

"Well begun is half done!"

Series Preview #49: Diamondbacks at Astros

Can this team earn win 72 against two aces and a team already bound for a first-round postseason bye?

Series Preview # 48 : Diamondbacks vs Giants

The Diamondbacks will soon reach 72 wins this season.