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Season Previews

An Optimistic Win Projection for the Diamondbacks

The Impact of Expanded Playoffs on the Diamondbacks

Just when the season could not get weirder...

The path to 90 wins and a Wild Card spot

A lot of things will need to go the Diamondbacks way to get to 90 wins and winning a spot in the Wild Card game.

Series Preview #6: D-backs vs. Giants

The Snakes return to the desert to open a six-game homestand against a pair of division opponents.

Diamondbacks 2017 Preview: Bullpen

This season brings new faces in the bullpen! Closer Fernando Rodney and long reliever Archie Bradley are the headliners. Several positive changes were made within apparent budget constraints. The bullpen should be average this year, which is a noteworthy improvement!

Diamondbacks 2017 Preview: Infield

We bid adieu to our 2016 MVP. But fear not! Paul Goldschmidt is still on the team.

Churro Dogs, Funnel Cake, and BACON! Oh my!

The Diamondbacks have unveiled a number of new “food” items. Let’s break ‘em down and see what I’ll be eating this year!

Archie Bradley could start the 2017 season in the bullpen

With no room in the rotation, the young and inconsistent starter may be taking on a new role to start the season.

Corbin and Miller are the likely final two starters

With both players coming off of dismal 2016 seasons, both Corbin and Miller have looked strong this Spring to take the final two rotation spots in my opinion.