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D-Backs Potpourri: Ghost Town

On the gameday experience during a game where nobody cares, and other stuff

D-Backs Potpourri: The Airborne Metsing Event

On that last series, Dombrowski, Las Vegas, and

D-Backs Potpourri: The Inescapable Void of Hold

On things and stuff

Letters to Clefo August Edition

Break out the ol’ bag of mail.

D-Backs Potpourri: Don’t Go Home Again

On stuff and things

D-Backs Potpourri: Express Edition

A shorter edition this week, but we talk Baseball Gods, video game modes, me being an idiot, the usual.

D-Backs Potpourri: Farewell to Arm

On Zack changing everything, even if briefly, and other stuff

D-Backs Potpourri: Processing

On tanking, an experimental hot take,

D-Backs Potpourri: Still haven’t decided if colon or dash is the proper style

On trades, more trades, Greinke, and more

D-Backs Potpourri - The Dreamless Forever Sleep

On the All-Star Game, the reunion, free agency, and a subtweet

D-Backs Potpourri: Eating Uncomfortably Fresh

On some viral stuff from yesterday, all-star voting systems, etc.

D-Backs Potpourri - Four Corners Field

D-Backs Potpourri: A Week Late and $40 Short

On children’s theater, the upper rafters, and bunch of other stuff

D-Backs Potpourri - Eduardo Escostar

On the D-Backs probable All-Star, extended netting isn’t ruining your view you dumb idiot, answering the only mailbag question,

D-Backs Potpourri: Konrad Schmidt Happened

D-Backs Potpourri: The Hell of Meltdown May

On stock photos, theme nights, and the phenomenon of Meltdown May

D-Backs Potpourri: The NL Woodchipper

Letters to Clefo. Twitter Mailbag

Out Of The Park 20: A Snakepit Review

With a new sim out every year, it’s hard to find sweeping differences, but OOTP is as solid as it ever has been.

D-Backs Potpourri: Solutions in Search of a Problem

On Manfred’s reign, the mystery of three catchers,

D-Backs Potpourri

A collection of little columns, instead of full-length ones

MLB: The Show 19. The Snakepit Review

The Playstation MLB sim has a lot of the same things as previous editions, but some new wrinkles, and changes to old modes, make it worthwhile.

D-Backs Walk up Music 2018

The yearly column where my lame self does some music critique

The Best 8 Players’ Weekend Nicknames

Judged capriciously and unfairly by me.

Mailbag Volume III

We’re here again

Uniform Tracker - July

You know how this works by now

Friday Comment Prompt: Second Half Predictions

Some questions to be asked and answered about the second half of the season



Uniform Tracker: May

A great April and horrible May form into a mediocre morass.

Prospect Interview: SS Galli Cribbs Jr, AA Jackson

Wesley Baier has a chat with AA Shortstop Galli Cribbs, who has quietly broken out with a 1.022 OPS

Places to build the new Diamondbacks Stadium because we have to do that now for some dumb reason

Because the whole thing is absurd, may as well lean into it

This is fun, right? You tell me

Is this hot start combined with last year a temporary mirage? Maybe, but let’s ride that dragon to hell.