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MLB News

Cody Ross Reinstated

The outfielder has been reinstated from the DL. To make room on the roster, LHP Ryan Rowland-Smith was DFA.

2014 wildcard contenders

Do the Diamondbacks have enough to compete for a wild card spot in the NL?

2014 NL West Preview: Los Angeles Dodgers

It's probably significant than no-one on the SnakePit staff wanted to write this preview.

Top 10 Prospects in the NL West: Preseason edition

The preseason edition looks at the top 10 prospects in the NL West. How many Dbacks are on this list?

More thoughts on pitchers and the pace of the game

I wanted to follow up with some broader nuggets of data regarding time between pitches, after yesterday's discovery that J.J. Putz was the team slow-poke.

First Sports Book Over-Unders for 2014 MLB season

Reno is not just home to our Triple-A affiliate, it's also home to the first sports book to release the over-under bets for the 2014 season, at the Atlantic Casino. Take a wild stab as to where they've drawn the line for the Diamondbacks. Go on...

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NL West Off-Season Roundup: Second Baseman Ranking

Today in the NL West roundup, we will look at the very small amount of moves made by division teams, top prospects who could make the 2014 roster, and a very close battle for top 2nd baseman in the West.

No Tanaka for Diamondbacks: Yankees win

But... But... But we had a Japanese Friendship Garden! Seems that just wasn't enough, with reports this morning that Masahiro Tanaka will be a Yankee, the Evil Empire 1.0 having snared the Japanese pitcher to a 7-year, $155 million deal.

2013 Standings: Projections vs. Reality

How did the projected standings for 2013 stack up against the actual results?

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NL West Off-season roundup: Payday in LA!

It's time to see what moves we and our NL West rivals made in Arbitration Week.

Expanded instant replay will start in Australia

Big news out of the owners' meetings in Paradise Valley, as they announced all parties have signed off on the introduction of expanded instant replay for 2014. The Diamondbacks' series against the Dodgers in Australia will be its first real test.

SnakeBytes: Your weekly Tanakamania update

Exactly eight days left - the deadline is Friday afternoon - so quite possibly, the next update in this saga could be the final announcement of who has won Masahiro Tanaka's heart. It's just like The Bachelor! Only with fewer roses...

Kershaw not leaving the Dodgers anytime soon

Our hopes that Kershaw could be pitching for the Yankees in 2015 appear to have been cruelly dashed with the news that he has apparently signed a seven-year extension with the Dodgers, worth $215 million.

Bradley named top RHP prospect in baseball are working toward their new list of sport-wide top 100 prospects, which will be announced on the 23rd. They're warming up with the top ten at each position and started with their list of right-handed starters.

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NL West Off-season Roundup

It's time to see what our NL West rivals have done so far since the end of the 2013 season. Have the D-backs made enough moves to compete?

Cooperstown 2014: Maddux, Glavine, Thomas elected

After not electing anyone last year, the BBWAA somewhat made up for lost time, by adding three new names in the class of 2014.

My 2014 Hall of Fame ballot

I have no interest in joining the BBWAA, least of all for their Hall of Fame balloting. But it's still fun to consider who you might vote for, and that's what the SnakePit did yesterday.

Inaugural Diamondback, Jeff Suppan, retires

A final tie with our debut season has been severed, after Jeff Suppan, the last member of the inaugural Diamondbacks roster to play in the major leagues, formally announced his retirement.

SnakeBytes: Tanakamania Update

It's a week today since Masahiro Tanaka was officially posted, and the process began. Though there's still more than three weeks remaining - you didn't think it would be over quickly, did you? - here are a selection of the stories since we got going.

Masahiro Tanaka contract: crowdsourcing it

Let's crowdsource what Masahiro Tanaka might receive in a contract from whichever major-league team is lucky enough to win the battle for his services.

Projecting Masahiro Tanaka

Hiroki Kuroda? Yu Darvish? Somewhere in the middle? Let's chew up their Japanese league numbers and see what we can find out.

Should Arizona have offered $130 million to Choo?

It looks like the Korean on-base machine will be plying his trade in Texas next year, the Rangers having signed the top remaining free-agent to a deal through 2020. Should the D-backs have gone there?

Baseball to ban collisions at home-plate

As well as the trade news last week from Florida, the Playing Rules Committee also voted to end the long-standing "tradition" of runners coming into home-plate and bowling over catchers. But will the change have any real results?

MLB weekly round-up: Cano place like home

Figure I'd better post this review ahead of schedule - with the winter meetings kicking off tomorrow, there will probably be plenty of new trades and rumors of trades to discuss!

Any tasty non-tender nuggets for the D-backs?

Including Daniel Hudson, a total of 43 players were non-tendered contracts by their teams yesterday, making them officially free-agents, able to negotiate with every team. Any players of interest to the Diamondbacks?

MLB weekly round-up: Twins killing

A pretty light week in terms of baseball moves this week, for understandable reasons. However, the Twins appear to be opening the wallet in the Twin Cities.

Gonzo, Sexson join Schilling on 2014 HoF ballot

There'll be three former Diamondbacks on the 2014 Hall of Fame ballot, with Luis Gonzalez and Richie Sexson being added, and joining Curt Schilling in his second year. After no-one was elected last year, will anyone make it in this time?

MLB round-up: What was the move of the week?

It seems like the hot-stove has heated up earlier than usual. We're not even at the winter meetings and we've already seen some big signings and trades. Let's review what has gone done in the past week.

Today's poll: A-Rod or A-Fraud?

It has been an interesting week for Alex Rodriguez, shall we say. Has it changed what you think of the best-paid player in baseball history?

Today's poll: ballpark security at Chase

You might have to make your way through a metal detector to get into Chase Field next season, if MLB has its way. No word yet on whether you'll also have to take your shoes off.

Arizona Fall League Championship Gameday Thread

Ok, folks. Last chance to watch professional baseball in North America until 2014.

National League MVP: How Goldschmidt came second

This afternoon, Paul Goldschmidt became the highest-ranked Diamondback ever in MVP voting, finishing second to Andrew McCutchen. Here's how it went down.