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MLB All-Star Game

NL 3, AL 4: Ketel Marte goes 1-for-2 in Cleveland, Kershaw and Co. choke

And that’s all you really need to know!

Ketel Marte Named Starting Second Baseman for National League All Stars

The fans have decided that Ketel Marte was absolutely deserving of a start in the 2019 Midsummer Classic.

MLB Home Run Derby 2017: How to watch and Gameday Thread

Time for the annual baseball equivalent of Hodor: “Back, back, back-back, baaaaaaack....”

All-Star Game rosters: Goldschmidt, Greinke, Lamb + Ray represent D-backs

The highest number of D-backs in 15 years will be going to the All-Star Game.

National League 2, American League 4

Maybe they should make it that, whoever wins the All-Star Game, that league's rules apply across baseball for the rest of the season. At least we'd get to use Tomas as a DH in the second half.

2016 MLB Home-Run Derby: Preview and open thread

Welcome to the AZ SnakePit preview of tonight's Home-Run Derby from San Diego, which includes all you need to know about this event.

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Why Terry Collins is Bad at His Weekend Job

I'm doing this as a fan post so I can be as ticked off as a want to be. Content is still family friendly and safe for work, but I don't have to pretend to be professional towards a certain manager who apparently needs help with his tasks.

Goldie is NL All-Star reserve, Lamb to final vote

Paul Goldschmidt will be representing the Arizona Diamondbacks at this year's All-Star game in San Diego.

2015 All-Star Game Gameday Thread

Goldie for MVP!

2015 All-Star Game Preview

The midsummer classic takes place tonight in Cincinnati, with Paul Goldschmidt starting for the NL, and A.J. Pollock on the bench.

Todd Frazier wins exciting Home Run Derby

A lack of Goldy or other Diamondbacks didn't dull the excitement of this derby

2015 Home Run Derby Gameday Thread

Recline back back back back back back in your chair and watch some dudes hit some dingers.

This stream has:

2015 MLB Home-Run Derby

Last year, Yoenis Cespedes took home the trophy, but he isn't taking part tonight. So will it be Albert, Prince or one of the six other competitors?

2015 MLB Home-Run Derby Preview

A radical shake-up in format and approach for the home-run derby this year. Who'll be holding the Home-Run Derby trophy high tonight?

MLB All-Star Game: Paul Goldschmidt starts at 1B

This is my unsurprised face.

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2014 MLB All-Star Game

The 2014 All-Star Game takes place in Minneapolis this year, at Target Field. Paul Goldschmidt represents the Diamondbacks.

NL All-Stars 3, AL All-Stars 5: It counts.

Technically, a lot of players played in the game tonight, and most of them deserve more attention than I'm going to give them in this recap, but, let's be honest, you came her to find out how Goldschmidt and Montero did, didn't you?

All-Star Game preview: this time, it...whatever

The National League takes on the American League, in a rerun of the previous @@ games. If I was in the other leagues, I'd be getting a bit upset about this.

Home-run Derby Gameday Thread

The home-run derby will be starting around 5pm. Well, 5pm-ish. Very "ish". Here are the details and participants this year. Take a drink every time Chris Berman says "Back". We are not responsible for any resulting liver transplants.

Goldschmidt bats clean-up in NL line-up

The Naitonal League startling line-up was just announced, and the D-backs' Paul Goldschmidt will hit fourth

Paul Goldschmidt, fan voting and the All-Star Game

When one family can vote more than a quarter of a million times, should we rethink the process?

Miguel Montero named to NL All-Star Team

National League All-Star manager Mike Matheny of the St. Louis Cardinals announced today, in conjunction with Major League Baseball, that Arizona Diamondbacks catcher Miguel Montero will replace Yadier Molina of the Cardinals on the NL roster.

Goldschmidt elected starting 1B for NL All-Stars

Paul Goldschmidt has been elected to start at first-base for the National League in the All-Star Game in Minneapolis later this month.

All-star Game Selection Show Open Thread

Will the Diamondbacks have their first starter voted in since 2001? The show starts at 4pm Arizona time on ESPN.

Vote for the 1919 All-Star Game!

After a long 19 months away from their families and their sweethearts, our fighting boys have put an end to the tyranny of The Hun and have returned to do battle with each other on the BASE BALL DIAMOND, where they belong!

AL 3, NL 0 - Power Outage in NYC

The National League bats were quiet against American League pitchers, managing just three hits and a walk. Patrick Corbin took the loss. Paul Goldschmidt was 1-for-2.

Gameday Thread

The National League takes on the American League at Citi Field in New York this evening, trying to win a fourth consecutive All-Star Game.

Preview: MLB All-Star Game

The National League has won the last three All-Star Games, ending a long run of American League dominance. Who will prevail in the 84th encounter, at Citi Field tonight?

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MLB All-Star Game

Paul Goldschmidt and Patrick Corbin represent the Diamondbacks, in the 84th All-Star Game, which takes place tonight at Citi Field in New York.

All-Star Gameday Thread: 7/10 vs. AL

Wade Miley Is A Diamondbacks All-Star, Aaron Hill Is Not. Why?

Wade Miley is going to the All-Star Game for the Diamondbacks. However, Aaron Hill and Paul Goldschmidt are not. We look at whether they were deserving selections, and possible reasons for their omission.

Picking an NL All-Star Team Based On Merit

What would happen if you picked a National League All-Star team, based entirely on an objective measure of ability? We crunch the numbers and see what the roster would look like.