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Diamondbacks Game Reports

Diamondbacks 5, Reds 6 : Pfaadt pitched two 1-2-3 innings after a bumpy first.

Brandon Pfaadt showed maturity and poise.

Game 162: Diamondbacks 4 @ Brewers 2

It’s time to go. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

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Diamondbacks 0, Brewers 3: Hits. They're over-rated...

Arizona Diamondbacks 5, Milwaukee Brewers 6: Spoiled Brew

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. The Arizona Diamondbacks have once again blown another solid start from a young rookie.

Tidings from Turambar: Gigantes 4 D-backs 3

One last Turambarcap before we go...

Game #156: Diamondbacks 5 @ Astros 2 (10)

72 BABY! We EARNED this milestone.

9/27 Houston Astros 10, Dbacks 2

9/23 Giants 6, Dbacks 5.

Game #150: Diamondbacks 6 @ Dodgers 1

Who had MadBum pitching like a D’Backs rookie debuting against San Diego?

Diamondbacks @ Dodgers, 5-6. Wasted opportunity in first doubleheader.

The Diamondbacks squandered an opportunity to win a game against the Dodgers with some bad bullpen pitching and some lousy defence at 3B from Josh Rojas.

Diamondbacks 2, Dodgers 5: Jolly Dodgered

That went about as well as expected.

Turambar Tidings: Padres 6, D-backs 1


Diamondbacks 3. Padres 12: The Suck of Bumgarner

"I’m not even supposed to be here today!"

Game #142: Dodgers 3 at Diamondbacks 5 (10)


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D-Backs 0, Dodgers 4 - another year, another NL West title...

Diamondbacks 0, Dodgers 6: A Tale of Two Nelsons

Ryne = good; Kyle = terrible.

Tidings from Turambar: D-backs 12, Rox 6

Gallen’s streak stopped, but record broken

Diamondbacks 1, Colorado 4: Another Bum Steer

Bum was good for five innings, then rediscovered his worse self. The offense did very little. ‘Nuff said.

Game #136: Diamondbacks 3 @ Padres 6

Welcome to the Varsho. Don’t look at the score, watch the homers

Diamondbacks 5, Padres 6: The Kennedy Assassination, Part II

It’s deja vu, all over again

D-backs 5, Padres 0: Nelson aces test under Labor-atory conditions

Merely the best pitching debut in franchise history.

Tidings from Turambar: Brewers 1, D-backs 5

Vacation Edition!!

Game #129: Phillies 18 vs. Diamondbacks 2

We scored twice against a likely playoff team!

Diamondbacks 13, Phillies 7: Corbin dallies, multi-passes lead to victory

Oh, ye of little faith! 7-0 deficit? No problem!

Game #123: Arizona 3 @ Kansas City 5

The scoreless streak lives! But the winning streak was nowhere to be found...

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Game #121 - DBacks 4, Cardinals 6 - Old Friends

Arizona Diamondbacks 1, St. Louis Cardinals 5: Fly Like a Cardinal

Paul Goldschmidt continued to make his case for MVP by reaching base four times and hitting his 30th home run tonight. Meanwhile, the Arizona offense was unable to support Tommy Henry’s stellar start.

Game #117: Diamondbacks 3 @ Giants 2

In which the Giants get Stoned

Diamondbacks 1, Giants 2: The Kennedy Assassination

This is the kind of game which leaves me wondering why I bother

Diamondbacks 1, Giants 6: Sad Bum lost in LOB City

Madison Bumgarner got lit up in another start and the D-backs left 9 runners on base.

Arizona Diamondbacks 6, Colorado Rockies 0: Gimme a Hell Yeah

"By gah, it’s Keegan Thompson!" *extreme Jim Ross voice

Diamondbacks 3, Rockies 5: The Not-after-the-Third Men

In which the offense checks out early.