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Diamondbacks Game Reports

Diamondbacks 3, Pirates 0: Stunning bunts

This might end up being a short recap.

Tidings from Turambar: D-backs 6, Rockies 4

The bullpen didn’t blow it…for us at least

Diamondbacks 2, Rockies 3: The more things change...

Our closer gets tagged with a loss? Surely not...

Diamondbacks 6, Rockies 5: Geraldo Perdomo’s late heroics key comeback win

The Diamondbacks gritted out a huge comeback win over a division foe.

Game #104: Diamondbacks 4 @ Guardians 7

Tommy Time!

Diamondbacks 5,, Guardians 6: MeLLLLLLLLLLancon does it again

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before...

Turambar’s Tidings: Atlanta 6, D-backs 2

Bleh. At least it wasn’t a shutout?

Diamondbacks 5, Giants 3: Small ball clinic finishes off a Giant sweep

One small step for the D-backs, one giant leap for D-backs fandom!

Diamondbacks 7, Giants 0: Merrill cuts the Giants’ cable

My first recap of the post-Bally Sports era featured probably the best pitching performance of 2022 by a D-back.

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Nationals 4, D-Backs 3: The elusive sweep wriggles away

Diamondbacks 3, Nationals 4: Quickcap

Feel free to vent...

Turambar’s Tidings: D-backs 3, Padres 4

Oh, Noe...

Bumgarner struggles early again in 5-3 loss to Padres

Power show by Walker and Marte can’t overcome Bum’s early inning issues

Game #89: 7/13, Diamondbacks 3 @ Giants 4


D-backs 2, Rockies 3: Defense giveth, and defense taketh away...

Their fielding kept Arizona in the game, and then cost Arizona the game.

Turambar’s Take: Rockies 2, D-backs 9

Something, something baseball

Diamondbacks 5, Rockies 6: He's Lost Control...

The NL West is the No Joy Division...

Game #82: 7/6 Giants 7 @ Diamondbacks 5

Fast start, steady middle and a roller coaster of an ending; the D’Backs fought a good fight but came up short.

Diamondbacks 8, Giants 3: Windependence Day

Beer, hot dogs and a Diamondbacks victory. Happy Fourth of July!

Rockies 11, Diamondbacks 7: First Inning Blowup Dooms Diamondbacks

Dallas Keuchel was not able to overcome a key error and got knocked around

D-backs 9, Rockies 3: Patriotic Spirits up in the Pines

Fun times over a 4th of July Weekend

Game #76, Padres 4 @ Diamondbacks 0

Oof. Double Ooof. Another anemic showing from the bats.

Game #72, Tigers 5 @ Diamondbacks 1

It’s the hope that kills you

Game #71, Diamondbacks 4, at Padres 10

This is not the review you’re looking for.

Post Father’s Day Beercap: D-backs 1, Padres 4


Diamondbacks 7, Twins 1: A Grand Father's Day

Pro tip: it's easier to write a recap if you watch the game. Who knew?

Diamondbacks 1, Twins 11: The Batman-cap

Which is worse? A crappy baseball game or a crappy superhero movie?

Game #65, Reds 4 @ Diamondbacks 7

4 HBP through 8 batters, but Gallen and the D’Backs battle to avoid the sweep!

Diamondbacks 4, Reds 5: Reds go Brandon

Former D-back Brandon Drury returned to haunt his old team tonight.

Diamondbacks 5, Phillies 7: Sucks to be right

I wasn’t asking for a demonstration of the team’s struggles in the first two innings...

Game #58, Diamondbacks 7, Reds 0

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the D’Backs are Scoring

Diamondbacks 0, Reds 7: Swinging in the Rain

And mostly missing.