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2013: The Diamondbacks Year In Pictures

It was a year which. overall, will live long in the annals of Diamondbacks mediocrity, as the team finished for the second consecutive season exactly at .500. But that doesn't mean there weren't moments and images to remember.

SnakePit Road Trip: San Diego

Well, that was fun. The two days by the Pacific Ocean fairly flew past, and we're now back in the hermetically-sealed environment which is Phoenix. Here's a report on our first time outside Arizona since March 2010.

Spring Training Round-Up: One Down, 198 To Go

It wasn't the best of games for the D-backs yesterday - but, hey, that's why we have spring training. And it's still baseball, right? Here are some pics from the Cactus League opener at Salt River Fields, and a round-up of the other news of the day.

Diamondbacks Photo Day!

Part of the pre-season tradition involves all the players getting their pictures taken, for use by media during the upcoming year. Here's a selection of the more interesting ones to come out of the D-backs session.

Spring Training Round-Up: Ice Ice Baby

The frozen wastes, Scottsdale were too much for the Diamondbacks to cope with yesterday, so they relocated to warmer climes, e.g. Phoenix. Here's details of that, a gallery of some of the best Twitpics of the day, and all the other news.

Kings of Grit

Over on Beyond the Box Score, Justin Bopp used his mad Photoshop skillz to create these trading cards honoring the grittiest of the gritty. Naturally, the Diamondbacks' Willie Bloomquist was #1 in the set.

Brandon Webb: Photo Retrospective

Brandon Webb, who retired earlier this week, was one of the most successful pitchers ever to wear a Diamondbacks uniform. Let's take a look back at his career, in pictures.