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Diamondbacks Features

Season Pitch Counts Provide Insights

One insight: Players who pitched in 2012 and were still pitching this season had more strikeouts per pitch than pitchers who threw the most pitches in the decade.

A Batting Game Plan Against Two Pitchers

In the context of the Diamondback hitting philosophy, with this plan batters are expected to have success against Hunter Greene and Vladimir Gutierrez.

Unsung Hero: The Final Chapter

Exciting highs of success and terrible-abysmal ordeals took turns defining Evan Marshall’s career. Next season, he will write the final chapter of his baseball career.

Core Diamondbacks in the Last 10 Seasons

There were 14 core players; 5 participated in this season.

David Peralta’s Breakout

His three powerful improvements will continue to improve his batting statistics.

Will Christian Walker Be An All-Star This Season?

His defense is on pace to be nominated for a Gold Glove. His offensive is comparable to last season’s All-Stars.

Jacob Webb

Diamondbacks’ reliever who will likely be called up.

Yonny Hernandez

Will he establish himself in the Majors?

Destroyer of Worms

Last season with the Royals he hit 63.4% ground balls, and with the Orioles he hit 56.5% ground balls.

Third Base Options to Start the Season

Who should play third base?

Sergio Alcantara

This season, chances are good that Sergio Alcantara will receive playing time at shortstop for the Diamondbacks.

Zach Davies

His pitching performance will likely be impressive.

What Do Diamondbacks Want in Their Pitchers?

The acquisition of Dan Straily was an insightful outlier.

Unsung Hero: The Next Chapter

Will this season be the beginning of the next chapter? Time will tell.

The Impact of a Small Increase in Hits Per Game

A small increase in hits-per-game is realistic and it will make a big impact on team success.

Poll Results: McMahon or Machado

Ryan McMahon or Manny Machado.

Who would be a better Diamondback acquisition?

Travis Snider

How successful was Travis Snider?

Better Pitching in August and September got the Braves to the Playoffs

Better pitching could help the Diamondbacks make the playoffs.

Third Basemen in the NL West

Who was the best last season?

Fastballs Thrown Down Broadway and Thereabouts

Taylor Widener and Luke Weaver had whiff percentages that were most impressive.

Diamondback Catchers in 2022

The D-backs have many potential catchers.

Extracting Baseball Wisdom from Olympic Curling

While Jim’s in Scotland, let’s learn wisdom from a game that originated in Scotland.

Diamondbacks Signed Dan Straily

Diamondbacks acquired an excellent starting pitcher!

Diamondback Platoon Advantage: Another Look

Dbacks’ data showed better OPS and homers with platoon advantage. Yet % of PAs with platoon advantage was not the whole story.

Third Base Platoon of Ellis and Rojas

Deciding who will play third base is interesting and complex. The crowd wisdom was that a platoon of Drew Ellis and Josh Rojas is the best choice.

Third Base: Three Nominations

Three very different choices were nominated.

Candidates for Third Base: Another Look

Who should play third base? Nominations are open.

Does Scoring the First Run Make a Difference?

The answer is interesting.

Hitting Homers

Diamondbacks homers are trending downward. Let’s focus on the impact of homers in the 2021 season and possible improvement next season.

Hitting Line Drives

Let’s look at 12 Diamondbacks position players who will likely continue to play for the Diamondbacks next season.

Book Review: Rod Carew’s Hit to Win

Have you discovered this book?