Boy, the Dodgers love our cast-off pitching


It's two for the price of one! The Dodgers just can't get enough of former D-backs, claiming Eury De La Rosa when placing McCarthy on the 60-day DL. And don't forget that Mike Bolsinger started for them earlier this year.



Tomorrow, I will suck soup through a straw in sympathy!

Even the Rockies hate Dinger


Ladies and gentlemen, my new favorite Colorado player: Nolan Arenado.

More on ChickenFingerGate...


I'm just glad Mike Zagurski wasn't pitching...

Space... The final frontier...


But can you see Chase Field from up there?

Best. Tweet. Ever.


Oh, Cubs... Never change.

New lids for our boys


I'm not sure whether I like the look of these or not. After what happened last season, I think I'm more concerned about the protection offered by our batting gloves...

Yankees suck. And so do their fans, at returning home-run balls.


So... Much... Plaid flannel...


David Peralta, Rubby De La Rosa, David Hernandez and Andrew Chafin, among others, at the D-backs 9th annual Evening On The Diamond, at Chase Field