A.J. Pollock changes representation


In a move that could impact winter negotiations, A.J. Pollock has switched representation.

The D-backs players salute the fans


And this is one of the reasons why I love this team.

Remembering one bright spot in this season


Ah yes, Yahoo! Thanks for reminding me that no matter how bad it gets, we always have May 17th.

Phoenix Suns Rookies Throw Out First Pitch At Diamondbacks Game


Phoenix Suns rookies Tyler Ennis & TJ Warren threw out the first pitches at today's Diamondbacks game vs. the San Francisco Giants.

Welcome the newest D'back, Bobby Wilson!


Bobby Wilson's contract was purchased from Reno and he will join the team for the rest of the year.

A.J. Pollock's go-ahead play: a helpful diagram of awesome


Here's how A.J. Pollock scored the go-ahead run in Sunday's game while the ball rattled around the infield.

Scouting Report 2014 - By the Fans, For the Fans


Help make the twelvth annual survey a success by providing your opinion on fielders.

These 3 moves are what ultimately got Kevin Towers fired


Now you've seem the list of Towers transactions, here's one opinion on where he went wrong.

"Towers failed in many of the same ways others have, trading away the guys who were right and signing the guys who were wrong. Every erstwhile GM has a cache of damning errors; these three moves are what ultimately got Towers fired."