Matt Stites injury update


Never a good sign. Fingers crossed he isn't the first of this year's Tommy John candidates.

Heath Bell retires


Was surprised to look at his stats and see he wasn't THAT bad for Arizona in his season here: 4.11, which is an ERA+ of 94. We've had much worse. Why do I regard him so poorly? Oh, yeah: that season cost us $9 million, and getting rid of him cost us David Holmberg. That's why. Definitely one of Towers' bigger blunders.

New local food options at Chase Field this season


Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles, America’s Taco Shop, Paradise Valley Burger Co. and Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt. There's also "The Draft Room," a new craft beer destination in the ballpark, and Food Truck Alley, where food trucks will rotate each series to provide even more dining options at home games.

More details tomorrow...

It makes you proud to live in Arizona!


Greg Schulte discusses his favorite ballparks


The question was asked in response to Schulte mentioning he had seen ballgames in 50 major-league parks.

I'm only 41 behind...

Mark Grace is so old... "How old is he?"


Peter O'Brien might not be a catcher after all


After an entire off-season and spring training saying he's the catcher of the future, manager Chip Hale mentioned they will discuss Peter O'Brien's future position as a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks. If catching isn't his position going forward, the D-backs will have another organizational hole to fill.

Why the Cactus League is better than the Grapefruit League, #173


And I suspect Wade Miley didn't just wrangle it, he likely turned it into a nice snake-skin belt...

The Diamondbacks are looking for a DJ

Primary (Essential) Duties:

* Provide music for D-backs batting practices, pre-game, between innings and post-game.
* Enhance in-game and inning-break features by selecting music designed for each specific feature.
* Make creative use of music to enhance the Diamondbacks fan experience while keeping in mind the family atmosphere at Chase Field.

Just remember: no playing Three Blind Mice when the umpires get together...

Needs more 'Benny Hill' music?