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Fang Food

All the best in ballpark and other food for spectating!

Fang Food: Caesar’s Sportsbook at Chase Field

After the legalization of sports betting in Arizona, it was only a matter of time before their was a sportsbook at Chase Field. It’s arrived, and we checked it out!

Brute Squad BBQ Episode 3: Smoked Meatloaf

Thicc and juicy, just like you like it

New culinary options at Chase Field for 2022

Jim: More ways to comfort yourself as Melancon blows another lead. Oops, did I say that out loud? :)

Brute Squad BBQ Episode 1: Smoke Queso Dip

Chef de Cusine, NikT77, lays out his method for making a dip that’s thicc and prefect for any occasion.

Fang Food: Bacon Wrapped Baguette Sandwich Revisited

After the last edition focusing on a menu item I didn’t care for, I figured I’d treat myself to something I actually like the first time around for this edition

Fang Food: Chicken Funnel Cake Sandwich Revisited

Let’s take a stroll down Fang Food memory lane and recreate some of the abominations I’ve eaten at Chase over the past five years!

New Ways to Have a Heart Attack at Chase Field

Let’s take a look at the new "food" items that will be gracing the menus at Chase Field this season, shall we?

New craft beer options at Chase Field

I’ll drink to that! Incoming Turambar reviews in 3...

New Chase Field food items for 2018

More ways to reach your daily calorific intake will be available this year...

More new food items at Chase Field for the post-season

Turns out the cinnamon roll sundae was just the gooey tip of the calorific iceberg.

New at Chase Field for the postseason: Caramel Cinnamon Roll Sundae

Is that Imstillhungry95 I hear, sobbing gently in the corner?

Fang Food: Chicken Enchilada Dog

If nothing else, this sausage is a showstopper, measuring up at 18 inches long. But do you want it to be that big?

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Fang Food: Apple Pie Nachos

Rockkstarr12 here, filling in for imstillhungry95, and I bring to you my review of one of Chase Field's newest food items, the Apple Pie Nachos.

Fang Food: The Revenge of the Churro Dog

We begin my trek through Chase Field’s new food options with the Churro Dog 2.0

Churro Dogs, Funnel Cake, and BACON! Oh my!

The Diamondbacks have unveiled a number of new “food” items. Let’s break ‘em down and see what I’ll be eating this year!

ISH Vs. The Triple Play Sundae

On Tuesday night, I faced off against possibly the craziest "food" idea that the Diamondbacks and Levy Restaurants has concocted yet.

D-backs announce new Chase Field food items

The Arizona Diamondbacks and Levy Restaurants have expanded the menu at Chase Field in 2016, including a new Cheeseburger Dog and additional Vegan options for all fans to enjoy.

Planet Coronary: The MegaDog comes to Salt River

You tried the D-bat dog. You scoffed down the churro dog. Are you ready for the next pseudo-canine treat to cross your culinary path?

Fang Food: A Salute to Wellington Castillo

A great hullabaloo has been made over Wellington Castillo, his name, and the foodie jokes one can make about it. We jump on that bandwagon a day late and a dollar short...

Draft Room at Chase: Should it be your first pick?

One of the changes over the winter at Chase was revamping the Arizona Baseball Club and turning it into a lounge specializing in draft beer. Needless to say, on my first trip to the park this year, I made a beeline for it...

Fang Food: Chase Field's Newest Offerings

Or at least most of them.

Get your appetite on at Chase Field this summer

If you're going to see a Diamondbacks' game this year, you might want to skip lunch.

Desert dessert: D-backs offer Churro Dog in 2015

If your digestive system survived the D-bat dog, and feels up to a fresh challenge this year, the Diamondbacks will be offering a sweet alternative...

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Who Will Replace Miggy Style Tacos?

After Miguel Montero was traded away to the Cubs, I know that the big question on most of our minds was, what will the Miggy Style tacos be called now?

Fang Food: Arizona Diamondbacks edition

So here I am, looking at the schedule, and I realized something. I've done a Fang Food for all the teams that are playing, except for one of them..

Fang Food: SnakepitFest Edition!

So as you probably know, last Sunday was Snakepit Fest. As you probably also know, the Diamondbacks have an 18-inch corn dog. Obviously, another article must be written about it.

Fang Food: San Diego Padres Edition

We continue our quest to enjoy the delicacies of the rest of the league today with the San Diego Padres.

Fang Food: Chicago Cubs edition

Every so often, the city the Diamondbacks play in has so many different choices that it's hard for me to decide which dish to choose. Chicago is one of those cities.

Fang Food: USMNT Edition

Changing things up a little bit this week, as instead of examining a food from one of the Diamondbacks opponents, we are going to make a dish frequently associated with the country that put our beloved men's World Cup team out of the tournament.

Fang Food: Los Angeles Dodgers edition

While a a sea turtle-lobster-shark fin stuffed, Kobe beef filet mignon would be more appropriate for the opulence that is the Dodgers, I decided to go a different route that was much more ethical and affordable.

Fang Food: Cincinnati Reds Edition

Every time the Diamondbacks, or politicians, or celebrities, or whatever, make a visit, you can always count on one thing being brought up every single time: Skyline Chili.

Fang Food: Colorado Rockies edition

Normally here at Fang Food, we try to do something that really represents a state or city that we're playing that week. So, in honor of Colorado, we're making brownies with mint leaves and whipped cream!