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ArizonaFallLeagueSnakePitFest 2019

a.k.a. "Never mind the score, we’re here for player development..."

SnakePit World Series viewing party: Saturday 27th October


AsteroidSnakePitFest: Sunday, August 26th

A VERY limited number of free tickets to Sunday’s game. First come, first served...

SnakeBruteFest 2018: Saturday, Sep 22nd

That is when, like the Winged Hussars of old, the SnakePit and Brute Squad will unite as one, and charge forth sweeping away the Rockies from our field and hopefully from playoff contention!

SnakePitFest 2016: Fri, Sept 30 vs. Padres

It is on.

FanFest 2016: The Unbaggening

Well, that was fun. Just got back from the 12th annual Diamondbacks Fan Fest, and what I'm guessing were record crowds in attendance today. S'funny what signing the Cy Young runner-up will do for enthusiasm...

Fan Fest open thread!

Today's another milestone on the road to Opening Day, and a big crowd is expected at Chase Field for the 12th Arizona Diamondbacks Fan Fest

Arizona Diamondbacks Fan Fest update

More info on this Saturday's Fan Fest at Chase Field are now out.

Fan Fest and Race Against Cancer approaching

Four weeks tomorrow sees Fan Fest at Chase Field, and the team also confirmed details of this year's Race Against Cancer.

Snakepit VintageFest 2015

The next in our offseason fests takes us 150 years into the past.

SnakePitFest 2015 final instructions

Tomorrow is SnakePitFest 2015, so in case you are unclear on the concepts, here are the details.

SnakePitFest 2015

We're delighted to announce SnakePitFest 2015, will be taking place on Sunday, September 13, when we face the Dodgers at Chase Field.

Randy Johnson retirement ceremony: A preview

Randy Johnson's #51 will be retired at Chase Field on Saturday, in front of what is certain to be a packed house. Here what you can expect, both if attending the game, or if you're watching on Fox Sports Arizona

SnakePitFest 2015 v1.0 is tomorrow!

Joining us at Chase Field for tomorrow's game against the Pirates? Here are the details...

Free SnakePitFest! Friday, April 24th

Woo-hoo! It's time to get together at Chase and heckle opposing outfielders! Wanna join us?

Up for an impromptu AZSP Bradley Hello Kitty Fest?

We'll be at Chase on Saturday. Anyone else going?

SnakePit Spring Training Fest: March 22nd

Prodded by Esther, an executive decision has been made: March 22nd, on the lawn at Salt River Fields

Diamondbacks 2015 FanFest: An eyewitness report

Another milestone on the path to Opening Day occurred today, with Fanfest pulling a large crowd to Chase Field, for the 11th annual event.

Fanfest in Arizona Diamondbacks Tweets

Yes, we were there. We came, we saw, we heard Bronson Arroyo singing Pink Floyd. But while we shuffle all our thoughts and photos into some semblance of order, here are a few impressions from others, in 140 characters or less.

Arizona Diamondbacks Fanfest Guide

Going to FanFest on Sunday? We've got you covered

D-backs Single game tickets presale begins

Diamondbacks tickets go on sale to the general public on Friday, but a pre-sale opportunity is on now, if you want to get in early for some of the key dates.

Spring Training single-game tickets on pre-sale

Pitchers and catchers report next month!

SnakePitAFLFest: Tonight at Salt River Fields

Just a reminder, we'll shortly be heading out to Salt River Fields to see the Salt River Rafters take on the Surprise Saguaros in the Arizona Fall League. First pitch this evening is at 6:35pm

Free: 2 x tickets to Saturday and Sunday

If you are interested in going to game this weekend at Chase (including the throwback event on Saturday, with the alumni game), we can help you out.

SnakePitAsteroidFest in Diamondbacks Tweets

It was the annual get-together known as SnakePitAsteroidFest at Chase Field today. It was good.

August 24: SnakePitFest (presented by Asteroids)

We're delighted to announce SnakePitFest 2014 will be taking place at Chase Field a week Sunday, for the game against the Padres.

Opening call for SnakePitFest

It's time to put the wheels in motion for SnakePitFest 2014. Since it's an off-day, now seems as good a time as any.

SnakePitSpring TrainingLawnFest on Sunday

If you didn't already get your lawn ticket for SnakePitSpringTrainingLawnFest on Sunday, you are too late, because the grass is officially sold out at Salt River Fields.

Diamondbacks Fan Fest 2014

If you missed it on Wednesday night, or don't get Fox Sports Arizona, here's their program covering Fan Fest 2014, which took place at Chase Field last Saturday, with a record crowd estimated at 35,000 in attendance.

SnakeTweets: FanFest edition

I wasn't able to get to FanFest this year, since I was working. But turns out, the Twitter provided a perfectly acceptable way to experience the event vicariously...

Fan Fest: A survival guide

If you're going to Fan Fest tomorrow, the following might well be of interest - a map of the event, details of who'll be signing when, etc.

SnakePitSpringTrainingFest: March 9

The time has come to start thinking about dates for the annual get together on the lawn at Salt River Fields. And one date in particular...