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Diamondbacks Draft

The Diamondbacks Draft

Arizona Diamondbacks 2022 draft: Day 1

The D-backs draft picks each hold quite an impressive resume that makes us hopeful to be successful big leaguers in the future.

Five players for the D-backs at No. 2 overall

Five players who should be in consideration with the Diamondbacks top pick of the 2022 MLB Draft.

A situation where savings could become a factor for the D-backs with the second overall pick

Could there be a scenario where the D-backs may opt to choose savings over their top player in the 2022 draft?

Examining Orioles General Manager Mike Elias’ draft history

Can we use history to predict what the Baltimore Orioles will do with the first overall pick in this upcoming draft?

Snake Bytes: 6/28 - AZ Snake Pit Previews the 2022 Draft

News around MLB this week and some video Snake Pit content to enjoy!

2022 MLB Draft: Arizona Diamondbacks bonus pool and picks

Diamondbacks first round pick Jordan Lawlar begins his journey through professional baseball

The Diamondbacks gave Lawlar the biggest signing bonus of any position player in the draft.

MLB Draft Day Two Recap: College bats early then pitching

Michael’s thoughts on the the D-backs top selection of the 2021 MLB Draft

2021 Arizona Diamondbacks Draft Preview: Surveying the Board and Process

Weighing best player available versus highest ceiling and other considerations.

2021 Arizona Diamondbacks Draft Preview: Henry Davis

Finally, a preview of the best college bat in the draft and the player to dream on for Arizona.

2021 Arizona Diamondbacks Draft Preview: Kumar Rocker

Might the Diamondbacks luck their way into one of the Vandy Boys at #6?

2021 Arizona Diamondbacks Draft Preview: Brady House

Dream big. No, seriously; he’s big.

2021 Arizona Diamondbacks Draft Preview: Marcelo Mayer

Meet the first of the three possible but unlikely candidates to reach number six on draft day.

2021 Arizona Diamondbacks Draft Preview: Sal Frelick

This player’s profile is likely to seem awfully familiar to fans of the organization.

2021 Arizona Diamondbacks Draft Preview: Khalil Watson

Previewing the player an increasing number of mock drafts have linked to Arizona.

2021 Arizona Diamondbacks Draft Preview: Jackson Jobe

Introducing the young man with the loudest tool in the draft.

2021 Arizona Diamondbacks Draft Preview: Ty Madden

Previewing one of two college arms that the Diamondbacks could select with the sixth pick in the draft.

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2021 Arizona Diamondbacks Draft

2021 MLB Draft: Could Arizona reunite with prospect Matt McLain?

The D-backs took McLain with their first-round pick in 2018 before attending UCLA, the two sides have a chance to meet again.

2021 MLB Draft: Who the Diamondbacks can target at No. 6 overall

It’s early in the draft process, but options remain for the D-backs with the sixth pick.

Diamondbacks sign Competitive Balance A pick Slade Cecconi for $2.384M

The Diamondbacks have signed all five members of their 2020 draft class, using every cent of their allotted bonus pool to get the job done.

Diamondbacks sign 3rd rounder Liam Norris

Related: Diamondbacks draft Liam Norris with the 90th overall pick

Diamondbacks sign 5th round selection Brandon Pfaadt

Related: Diamondbacks select Brandon Pfaadt in the 5th round

2020 Draft Day 2 recap: Dbacks take a pair of high schoolers and a D-II pitcher

The Diamondbacks took NC prep lefty Liam Norris, Wisconsin prep slugger A.J. Vukovich, and Bellarmine University righty Brandon Pfaadt with their three draft picks on Day 2.

Diamondbacks select Brandon Pfaadt with the 149th pick

Diamondbacks select Liam Norris with the 90th overall pick

How Bryce Jarvis turned himself into a first round pick in the 2020 MLB Draft

Related: Diamondbacks select Bryce Jarvis with the 18th overall pick

2020 MLB Draft first night recap

The Diamondbacks took Bryce Jarvis with the 18th pick and Slade Cecconi with the 33rd pick.

2020 MLB Draft Day 1 Open Thread

The 2020 MLB Draft is finally here!