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Diamondbacks Off-Season

Covering the Diamondbacks off-season activities and analysis

The Diamondbacks are a Superhero Team

As a superhero team, they have 9 secret powers.

Diamondbacks Batting – Do Pitch Types Matter?

Let’s look at whether pitch types matter for this season’s Diamondbacks roster.

Calling Pitches

Let’s explore the catcher’s role in pitch calling.

Predicted Diamondbacks Bullpen - Way Too Early

Who will have a bullpen role on opening day?

How Will the Diamondbacks Improve?

A revisit of expected improvements this season.

Let’s Predict Diamondbacks with Best Stats in 2021

Make your prediction known!

Measures of Baseball Action from a Fan View

Let’s look at trends and compare the Diamondbacks to other teams.

Arizona Diamondbacks sign reliever Joakim Soria to a 1-year deal

The D-backs add an experienced veteran to the back-end of the bullpen.

Seam Shifted Wake

Let’s explore the basics of seam shifted wake and whether it applies to the Diamondbacks.

Predictors of Success for Diamondback Batters

Let’s look at five batting skills.

Can the Arizona Diamondbacks make Chris Devenski great again?

The most recent minor league signee has very encouraging peripherals, but has struggled to limit runs the past two seasons.

Will the Diamondbacks Experience a Bounce at Third?

A quick look at two third basemen: Eduardo Escobar and Maikel Franco.

Diamondbacks’ Lineup Protection

Did lineup protection positively impact the Diamondbacks in 2020?

Diamondbacks’ Platoon Advantage

A short exploration of at-bats with Diamondback platoon advantage discovered a surprise in 2020.

Will the Diamondbacks Have a Power Hitter Next Season?

The answer is based on Marcel, Steamer, and ZiPS projections.

The Darkest Shadow Zone

"The Shadow!"..."Where?!"

When Baserunning Matters

When baserunning matters: stealing bases, bunts, taking extra bases on hits, and pinch hitting.

How Could Luke Weaver Reduce His Fly Ball Rate?

Bauer Units

Which Diamondbacks have the highest Bauer Units?

Defensive Shifts

Let’s look at mindset impacts and do shifts improve Diamondback defense.

Designated Hitter

What are the benefits for the Diamondbacks?

Projected ERAs of D-back Starters in 2021

The projections were based on FIP, BABIP, LOB%, and HR/FB%.

Defensive Statistics

What defensive statistics are on the internet and available to a baseball fan?

Are Diamondbacks Playoff Winners Next Season?

The answer could be found in two 2-strike stats: wOBA and Homers per AB.

Insights on BABIP

Players with top ‘hit skill’ tools have high BABIPs. Two questions: Which Diamondbacks have the best hit tool skills? League-wide, what causes changes in BABIP?

Hitting With RISP in the NL West

With RISP, the Diamondbacks had the highest percentage balls-in-play and the lowest BABIP.

Statistical Contagion of Diamondback Hitters

A way to improve team hitting is explained.

Arizona Diamondbacks All-Decade Team, Right Field: Justin Upton

The honor goes to a three-time silver slugger.

Arizona Diamondbacks All Decade Team Voting: Right Field

Five worthy candidates for right field. Who will be voted onto the all-decade team?

2019 Arizona Diamondbacks Reviews : # 6, Torey Lovullo

"We are brothers."

Looking at the Diamondbacks rotation after the Madison Bumgarner signing

How Junior Guerra fits the Diamondbacks bullpen

Guerra fits the mold of pitchers the Diamondbacks have been looking for since Hazen took over.