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Diamondbacks off-season 2015/16

Arizona Diamondbacks make seven roster moves

The herd of pitchers was thinned considerably today, with the Diamondbacks sending down Zack Godley, and letting Wesley Wright and Sam LeCure go entirely. .

D-backs make five moves: Bradley + Wagner optioned

The Arizona Diamondbacks made 5 roster moves, as announced by D-backs Sr. Vice President & General Manager Dave Stewart.

Diamondbacks Trade Rumors: Ahmed to the Cardinals?

Though this is still just speculation, rumblings have been heard that NicK Ahmed could be on the list of potential replacements for Jhonny Peralta in St. Louis (H/T GuruB for his Fanshot).

Rubby De La Rosa to be fourth starter

As expected, there will be a competition for the fifth spot in the D-backs rotation this year. Not as expected: one of the contestants will be Robbie Ray

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Arizona Diamondbacks Sign Reliever Tyler Clippard

D-backs trade rumors: Tyler Clippard + the bullpen

Maybe we'll be spending the money saved on Aaron Hill after all?

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Segura, Wagner from MIL for Hill, Anderson, Diaz

The Diamondbacks make a trade for Middle Infield and Young Pitching depth. As one does.

Arizona Diamondbacks looking to trade Aaron Hill

This appears to be the way we're looking to free up some roster space - perhaps some salary room too.

Is Ian Desmond A Better Option at 2B?

Could former Nationals SS Ian Desmond provide a better alternative than Howie Kendrick as a potential upgrade at the 2B position.

Kendrick at Second Base?

Will signing Howie Kendrick provide the answer for the Diamondbacks at second base throughout their competitive window?

Arizona Diamondbacks rumors: Fernando Rodney

Looks like the D-backs are still interested in another arm for the bullpen.

Diamondbacks Discussing Howie Kendrick?

With a clear need to upgrade the 2B position, the Diamondbacks are looking at a top free agent.

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Ruminations on off season and FO Decision Making

Diamondbacks rumors: Second-base possibilities

The team's moves this winter have all been on the starting pitching front, and have come at the expense of the offense. Are we now looking to balance things back a little?

Shelby Miller gets his Diamondbacks' introduction

Shelby Miller followed in Zack Greinke's footsteps, being introduced as a Diamondback this afternoon. Here's a transcript of the event.

Surveying the D-backs landscape post-meetings

Well, that was quite a week, wasn't it? Where are the Diamondbacks now? Let's update what has happened over the past month, since we reviewed the state of the team

Diamondbacks' Zack Grienke introduced at Chase

The newest Diamondback was officially brought on board, during a press-conferene at Chase Field this morning.

What if the D-Backs had signed Mike Leake?

A few hours before the big Shelby Miller deal, it was reported that the D-Backs were close to a deal with Mike Leake. What if they had signed him instead of trading for Miller?

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Comparing the Giles and Miller Trades

"Another pass" made at Mike Leake

So, you thought the Diamondbacks were finished revamping their rotation? THINK AGAIN!!!

Brandon Phillips back in discussion

With the rotation now apparently sorted, word is that the Diamondbacks are looking to strengthen another big area of weakness this year, second-base.

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What if the Shelby Miller Trade is Actually Good?

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Time for the Diamondbacks to really go all in

Diamondbacks trade for Miller: The future is now

If there was an question over whether or not the Diamondbacks are in win now mode, this trade should have taken care of that. Arizona got another starting pitcher in Shelby Miller, but at what cost? Let's review...

Shelby Miller acquired from Braves

Well, this is a bombshell and a half.

Dbacks "pretty close" to signing Mike Leake

At the very least, we may end up with a significantly improved HITTING staff of pitchers...

In or out on Shellby Miller?

Conflicting reports from Nashville this morning on whether or not we are still pursuing Shelby Miller/.

Kenta Maeda off the board for Arizona

It's funny how things change. Just a few days ago, we were "Kenta Maeda or bust!". Now... Apparently not so much.

Jose Fernandez discussion with Miami Marlins

The winter meetings are under way, and the Diamondbacks are still looking to upgrade their rotation.

What next for the Arizona Diamondbacks?

Dammit. I can't get on with a full analysis of the Greinke deal until the full financials become apparent. But for now, let's take a look and see what else needs to be addressed, now we have got our ace out of the hole that is LA...

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Why D Backs will sign/trade for a top reliever

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Arizona Diamondbacks sign Zack Greinke

Well, that escalated quickly.