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D-backs Preview #65: 6/12 vs. Angels

Losing streak? I’d almost forgotten...

Detroit Pistons v Phoenix Suns Photo by Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images

Today's Lineups

Justin Upton - LF Josh Rojas - 2B
Jared Walsh - 1B Pavin Smith - CF
Max Stassi - C Eduardo Escobar - 3B
Anthony Rendon - 3B Christian Walker - 1B
Jose Iglesias - SS David Peralta - LF
Taylor Ward - RF Josh Reddick - RF
Juan Lagares - CF Nick Ahmed - SS
Alex Cobb - RHP Stephen Vogt - C
David Fletcher - 2B Caleb Smith - LHP

I’ll confess to being quite surprised to look at the schedule and realize the Diamondbacks have lost eight games in a row. It doesn’t particularly feel that way, but I think that’s partly a result of the lack of attention. Not just by me; though, let’s be clear, I can’t remember the last time I watched a game I didn’t have to recap. But in Arizona, the D-backs have largely been overshadowed in the past couple of weeks by the unstoppable juggernaut which appear to be the Phoenix Suns. I’m pretty sure they’re just setting up an even greater disappointment, and will blow things in some spectacular fashion, as is traditional to the state’s sports teams e.g. the 2008 Super Bowl.

But the D-backs front office are probably breathing a sigh of relief, as the column inches devoted to the Suns would otherwise be devoted to the only other current game in town. Which would be them, and their 2-22 record since May 16. I’m sure there are other, more passionate sports towns where this kind of streak would result in mobs with torches being formed, ready to storm the ballpark. But the D-backs have never been a team capable of stirring that kind of passion in a state full of bandwagon fans. It was only a couple of years ago, you couldn’t give away Suns tickets. The same seems likely to be true for games at Chase Field right now. I certainly would not want to be a scalper.

There have only been eight losing streaks in Diamondbacks history of eight or more games. This is, of course, our second such this year, but 2004 does have 2021 beat, having had three such, of 14, 11 and 9 games. On the other hand... it’s still only June, so plenty of time for 2021 to catch up. Indeed, on this date in 2004, the D-backs had NO such streaks, because the first that year (the 11-game one) didn’t start until June 18. For the record, the other three Arizona seasons to include an 8+ game losing streak were 1998, 2010 and 2020. We’ll see whether the current one stops at eight. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve more or less given up hoping for a win at this point, and go into every game expecting a loss. I guess 22 of them in 24 games will do that.

No Torey Lovullo media call today, with it being a day-game before a night game.