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Diamondbacks 2, Mets 3: Hunt for the Sedona Red October: A Beercap Tale

Still in it. Still in it. That mantra keeps coursing through my mind. Still in it.

One Ping Only
Hunt for Red October

Record: 75-70. Pace: 84-78. Change on 2018: -2.

We have got to right the ship once more though after losing the last two games. We’re still hunting for Oct, but losing a series like this one could sink our hopes quite quickly.

So, let the suds flow and remember, one ping only.

Beer 1: 1-800-273-8255 NE Style IPA by OHSO Brewing Co

Please don’t dial that, unless of course you are in that deep dark place. Not sure why you’d name a beer after the suicide prevention hotline; perhaps because a beer this good might save you? Sure seems like it could.

Marte starts things off far better than ALL of last night with a lead off single, followed shortly after by Escobar bringing him home. I’m not even one sip in and I love this game. 1-0 Dbacks

Gallen’s turn in the 1st and he looks good, though he does allow a hit. I mean, seriously, his emotionless stare coupled with his filthy pitches tells me we might have us a solid future with this kid. Knock on wood.

No dice for our bats in the 2nd, and Gallen starts out his half of the 2nd allowing the first two Mets to reach. Not exactly encouraging.

Things get worse real quick as those two runners cross the plate. Man, I’ve really got to stop ever writing praise about our pitch staff. Dammit. 1-2 Mets

Beer 2: Another Exercise In Mediocrity IPA by Tombstone Brewing Co

Though the name of this beer is directly related to a snarky Yelp review of the brewery in question, it’s certainly a feeling I’d like the Dbacks to avoid these last few weeks. Avoid mediocrity boys. Please.

Marte aaaaalllllllmmmmmmmoooooost gets his elevendieth homer of the year in the 3rd but has to settle for a long double, and despite Flores and Escobar’s best efforts Marte is stranded and we’re still down going in to the bottom of the 3rd.

Our regularly scheduled Gallen program resumes in the 3rd. Back on cruise control, he glides on through the inning. Still down 1-2 going in to the 4th.

Still no runs here in the 4th for our heroic Dbacks, though we did get runners on with 2outs, but Avila left both on and we’re off to the bottom of the frame.

Beer 3: Citra Incognito Session IPA by Tombstone

Seemed like a good time to pump the breaks a bit as I prepare dinner (potatoes in case anyone cares) and a “light” IPA seems like a fine idea. Tastes like the real thing (6-8%) but is far lighter, great thing for a hot summer day, which we’re blessedly about to put behind us.

Gallen can’t quite seem to put rocky innings behind him and Frazier drives in another Met’s run here in the 4th making it 1-3 Bad Guys. Oof

Nothing to report in either the bottom or top of the 5th as Wheeler continues to deal and Gallen does what he should do in every inning but hasn’t. Beggars just can’t be choosers I guess.

The 6th comes and goes a bit two quickly yet again for the Sneks. My early optimism for our early offense seems very misplaced. Very.

Still 1-3 going in to the bottom of the 6th.

STILL nothing to write on in either the bottom of the 6th or top of the 7th: both Wheeler and Gallen are doing just fine. The difference being Wheeler is just doing a bit better, which consider yesterday’s game might be all he needs to win.

Beer 4: The Whiskey Thief Smoked Scotch Ale with Heather Blossoms by High Water Brewing Co

See? I do have other styles of beer...from time to time.

Gallen’s night is done as the fan fave Sherfy comes in to start the 7th. Honestly the young rookie Gallen did quite well only allowing 3runs, but that coupled with a complete lack of offense has pretty much torpedoed this game.

There’s still time, but a two run deficit with this strange offense seems almost insurmountable.

Escobar must have sensed my disgust when with one out he hits a latter tatter (as I’m eating tatters) to make this a 1run game. 2-3 Mets and there’s still some hope.

The bullpen keeps that deficit at 1 in the 8th and here we are once more: crunch time.

1run only. Just need 1run here in the 9th. The rest will have to work it self out.

Ahmed starts things off with a lead off single followed by Cron with a pinch hit single, making it men on 2nd and 1st with one out and Marte at bat. Things getting real interesting folks.

Mattes at bat deserves a video recap, not a written one. Seriously. Watch it. If not just know the outcome lead to Lacastro at 3rd and Cron at 2nd, somehow.

It falls to Flores to save the game in the 9th, but he strikes out swinging and our playoff hopes fade once more.

Bells and whistles, by Jim

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Drinking: Kevin Cron, +15.4%
Driving: Eduardo Escobar, +11.7%
Drinking and Driving: Wilmer Flores, -35.5%
Buzzed Driving: Gallen, -14.6%; Jones, -11.1%

A light Gameday Thread, as you’d expect from an early Friday game, with traffic picking up a bit later. Present were: AzDbackfanInDc, DORRITO, Dbacks fan from Japan, DeadManG, Gilbertsportsfan, Guapo79, GuruB, Jim McLennan, Justin27, MesaDBacksFan, Michael McDermott, MrMrrbi, Rockkstarr12, Snake_Bitten, Theolser4, edbigghead, kilnborn, onedotfive, since_98 and suroeste. DORRITO takes Comment of the Game, in a bit of a landslide:

A bit frustrating: very much an “if only...” game, e.g. if only Marte’s double had gone a few feet further. The Mets have an 0-2 advantage, and we’re left scoreboard watching the Cubs-Padres game [San Diego just took a 4-2 lead there though, which is nice] Tomorrow, it’s back at it, with Robbie Ray in what’s getting close to a must-win game for the D-backs. It’s a 4:10 pm first pitch again.