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D-backs 9, Rockies 3: Score early, score often

Gallen’s second Outing as a D-back made for a thoroughly satisfactory Thirsty Tuesday beercap

MLB: AUG 13 Diamondbacks at Rockies Photo by Russell Lansford/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Record: 61-59. Pace: 82-80. Change on 2018: -4.

Got to see a young prospect and byproduct of the busy trade deadline last night in Rojas, now we’ll see Gallen’s 2nd start as a D-back. Let’s do this!

Beer 1: Igneous Pale Ale by Pueblo Vida

I literally just sat down with my throw-together dinner consisting of scrambled egg and leftovers (fiancée out on business trip) when Dyson crushes a lead-off homer. Just my kind of party. 1-0 D-backs.

Very soon thereafter Walker gets a thicc dong of his own popping up a long fly that just so happens to go even further thanks to Coors Field. 3-0 D-backs

Ahmed then joins in on the fun and with his own two run blast we’re at 5-0. I like this kinda party!!!

The Gallen era resumes in the bottom of the 1st, though regrettably with a Blackmon double. Despite striking out Story and forcing Arenado to pop up Murphy drives in Blackmon. 5-1 Dbacks.

Gallen barely hangs on to that score as he just squeaks through a bases loaded situation after the Blackmon run. So maybe he is human after all. Perhaps.

Gallen leads off the 2nd looking...mildly annoyed or even disdainfully bored at batting. Perhaps that utter disregard for Hoffman allows Gallen to reach first on an infield single? Likely he cares not.

Peralta CRUSHES the 4th Snek bomb of the night prompting a yawn from Gallen along with two more runs on the scoreboard. 7-1 D-backs and I’m about to put my drinking shoes on.

Beer 2: Belloq American Stout by Hoof Hearted Brewing Co

See?!?! I do have beers other than IPAs!

I just had to mix it up a bit, plus I love the goofy can art (check it out).

Gallen’s 2nd is slightly better despite a Hoffman single and a Blackmon double, but both are stranded and we’re off to the 3rd. Still 7-1 D-backs.

No further fireworks in the 3rd, even with an Ahmed triple of the new Rockies pitcher Tinoco, but my gut tells me we’ll get more runs and I’ll be more drunk.

Gallen is still not perfect in the 3rd after allowing another base hit, but no more Rocks cross the plate yet again and we’re still in a 7-1 game.

Tinoco gets through the 4th, giving the Rockies their second blessed inning without giving up a run. We D-backs can be merciful after all.

The Rockies show no inclination did mercy in the 4th as the load the bases with one out and Arenado coming up to the plate.

Arenado drives in Tinoco with a sac fly, but Gallen contains the damage and only gives up the one run. 7-2 D-backs going in to the 5th.

No fireworks again in the 5th, except for Rojas making a questionable rookie steak attempt. Like the rookie, but would like to see those steal tries improve. Please.

McFarland comes in the bottom of the 5th for the still slightly bored looking Gallen. Not hating on Gallen, he did fine for his first time in Denver, he just looks bored.

McERA keeps the lead intact and this already long game is about to enter its 3rd beer. 7-2 Dbacks

Beer 3: Keep it Simcoe IPA by Burgeons Beer Co

The 6th goes as quietly as the last few innings for our bats. Can’t complain too much, but that voice in the back of my head whispers (in beer) “no lead is safe in Coors.”

Ginkel takes over in the bottom of the 6th and dominates the Rocks with ease. Still want them insurance runs though...

7-2 D-backs in the 7th.

Still no D-backs offense in the 7th! Well, unless of course you’re counting the 7runs in the 1st and 2nd inning. I’m counting. Are you?

Ginkel again holds sway over the Rockies in the 7th. Is this a new and welcomed bullpen trend or just a small sample size since the break? We’ll see...

7-2 in the top of the 8th and a Lamb walk followed by a Rojas single get things going for us. Ahmed drives in his 3rd RBI immediately after and our cushy lead is finally cushioned at 8-2. Hell yea!!!

Beer 4: Interlock IPA by Burgeon Beer Co.

I poor this beer, in hopes it’ll be close to my last, only to have Flores further cushion our lead in the 8th with a single of his own. Bringing the score to 9-2.

That’s followed by a wildly poor series of base running choices by our Sneks closing out an inning that likely should have had more than 2 runs. I’ll leave it to the comments to discuss that more.

Lopez takes the mound in the 8th and though he gets the 1st our easily, Nunez crushes a pitch to bring our lead back to 6runs. That’s all he allows though as we head in to the 9th, still with a commanding lead. 9-3 going in to the 9th.

No more offense in our half of the 9th and it falls to Lopez to end this game.

And end it he does, and we’re 2 games over .500 and still have a vague chance at this Wild Card thing.

Yay us!!!

Bells and whistles, by Jim

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Annie Oakley: Nick Ahmed, +12.5%
Annie Lennox: Christian Walker, +12.3%
Little Orphan Annie: Josh Rojas, -2.3%

A happy little Gameday Thread: first-inning tacos will tend to do that, I suspect. Present were: Augdogs, AzDbackfanInDc, DesertWeagle, GuruB, Jack Sommers, James Patrick Kim, JoeCB1991, Makakilo, Michael McDermott, MikeMono, MrMrrbi, NikT77, RedYqshi god, Rockkstarr12, Schilling2001, Smurf1000, Snake_Bitten, Xerostomia, edbigghead, onedotfive, since_98 and suroeste. But nothing got more than two recs, so we’ll move on to tomorrow’s finale, as the D-backs go for the sweep. Robbie Ray is the starter for Arizona, with a first pitch scheduled for 12:10 pm, Arizona time. The D-backs go into that one 2 12 games back of the second wild-card, having gained a game on the Brewers + Mets today.