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Diamondbacks 8, Rockies 0: The Day the Beercap Returned!

D-backs Rockettes,,,


Record: 44-45. Pace: 80-82. Change on 2018: -5.

That’s right folks, I’m back and in my finest form.

A month away from the suds has slimmed me down about 20lbs, so I can’t complain too much, but God how I missed my hops........

Beer 1: Hop Bullet Dbl IPA by Sierra Nevada

A yes, hops. How I missed thee.

Starting off this game slow with a solid offering from a titan in the “micro brew” industry. The crazy stuff can wait until later.

In my hops absence, our beloved D-backs have been pretty annoying, especially as Torey just keeps playing favorites with his players. Look, I like Torey, a lot, but he NEEDS to learn when to pump the breaks on a certain player: ie Archie, Godley and most recently, Holland.

1st inning and God I love Greinke’s slow mo curve. It’s like silly slow to the point of being almost cartoonish. And thus Greinke has a relatively smooth 1st.

Same story for the Rockies in their half of the frame, so no blood for either side in this young game: 0-0

Nothing going in either half of the 2nd, and we’re off to the 3rd after Lamb roles in to a double play. Does anyone remember Lamb running so slow last year? Pretty sure Tomas could have beat that throw. Still 0-0

Well, the 3rd is a bit more interesting as Walker makes a crap throw to 2nd followed by Greinke getting called for interference (quite questionably) giving the Rockies men on 2nd and 3rd with one out. Blessedly Greinke flips his All Star cap, there by turning into a machine, and gets the final outs. (Brownie points will be given for whoever gets that movie reference)

Beer 2: Burrow Buddies IPA by Wren House

Holy shit, I left for a moment to pour this magical unicorn ale, and the bottom of the 3rd has come and gone. Sigh, at least this new addition by Wren House puts a smile on my face.

Greinke maximizing my smile by getting his 6th punch-out to end the 4th. The 58mph curve is sick AF.

Walker breaks the tie with a 2-run opposite field bomb. So thiccc, so majestic. Walker. 2-0 Dbacks

Greinke gets his 8th K in the 5th. He’s rolling right now and very much in All Star form.

Avila tacks on 2 more runs in the bottom of the 5th with a double. Reminds me of all the ill feelings I had toward Avila last season. Happy he’s back in true form this year for sure, though it should be obvious to everyone that Carson Kelly owns that position going forward.

Taco Time! Escobar tacks on 1 more to make it a 5-0 game and....and then Walker ends the balls existence with a rail gun shot to center field. 8-0 and God bless the good luck hops.

Beer 3: Deftones Digital Bath IPA by Belching Beaver

Wow, this hazy IPA style endures and just keeps getting better. I liken it to an adult orange juice: same mouth feel and juicy citrusy goodness but with ABV’s.

Greinke punches Arenado’s ticket for the 3rd time giving him his 9th K of the game. 8-0 Dbacks going in to the bottom of the 6th.

No more fireworks in the 6th and looks like Greinke will get one last go at the Rockies. Considering the last two games I wouldn’t mind if he went for the complete game.

No news is good news in the 7th for Greinke and I dare say after another effortless inning he’ll be back in the 8th.

No runs in the bottom of the 7th for us, and regrettably it looks like Greinke’s night has come to a close with Archie taking the mound.

Wow, just when I think Archie is toast he throws a flawless 8th. I still think he’s got a lot to work out with his pitches, but sometimes he’s capable of what we just witnessed. 8-0 Dbacks going in to the bottom of the 8th.

Listening to some truly glorious Italian power metal now as this game edges closer to the endgame. Pretty sure either a power metal or death metal band should do our next official D-back endgame song. So to all you Roger Clyne fans, I grow weary of this overtly family friendly trend for all things D-backs.

Archie is back again, demonstrating the confounding trust of Torey and the wild frustration that is Archie’s pitching. Yet somehow the Rockies still don’t get on the board. Yup, today is a good day.

Sleep well my fellow D-backers!!!!!

Bells and whistles, by Jim

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Life, liberty: Christian Walker, +30.3%
And the pursuit of happiness: Greinke, +28.0%; Avila, +10.8%
Communism: Adam Jones, -4.2%

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Ouch. UofA in the house! :) Still, I’m in a good mood after this one, so we’ll let it pass... Same two teams tomorrow, with the D-backs having a chance to pull level with the Rockies, if Robbie Ray can lead them to victory. 7:10 pm first pitch tomorrow night for that!