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D-backs 9, Rockies 2: Beercap of Glory

Now back to your regularly scheduled Beercap victory.

Chicago Cubs v Arizona Diamondbacks
Such power........
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Record: 20-13. Pace: 98-64. Change on 2018: -2,

Back in the saddle again baby!

A complete game is now even more so. Golf, graduation celebration (not mine) and now baseball. Hell yea!

Beer 1: Murk Mobile Dbl IPA by Pure Project

Funny to think I started this day with a Blue Moon; murky, but mostly terrible. Not my choice, just what was an option at the time. Now I’m home though and a galaxy of hand picked ales are at my fingertips.

Let’s do this!

1-2-3 go the Dbacks in the 1st, so not much to report there, and the Rocks do the same in their half. Not surprised that things should start out slow after a night of fireworks.

So much for no fireworks. Flores gets a 2out single and Ahmed brings him home with a homer. 2-0 Dbacks and it looks like the bats are still alive and well. LOL, then Carson Kelly adds an exclamation point to that last sentence with a bomb of his own, his first in the Majors I do believe. Hell yea! 3-0 Dbacks.

Weaver goes another frame denying the Rocks any joy. He’s got a LONG way to go until I even think of caling him an ace, but he (along with Kelly) at least makes the Goldy trade more endurable.

Peralta puts a charge into that ball! Ends the existence of Freeland’s ill fated pitch in the 3rd with Marte and Escobar already aboard. 6-0 Dbacks. I like this kinda party.

Flores keeps the party doing with a double to bring home Walker and the beating continues deep in to this glorious afternoon. 7-0 Dbacks.

Beer 2: Hop Gods Hazy Triple IPA by Lead Dog Brewing

Good offensive output, coupled with dominant pitching, deserves an even finer ale.

sipping noises

Ahh yes, truly nectar of the hop gods. I do so hope you unwashed plebs at home are enjoying something akin to this liquid mana. Good stuff, kinda like this game.

Weaver also laughs at these Rockie plebs, he laughs from his mountain. Striking out the side in the bottom of the 3rd and looking like a boss at this point. Keeps on doing what you do Dream Weaver. 7-0 Dbacks going in to the 4th.

No Dbacks action in the top of the 4th but Blackmon ruins Weaver’s perfect day in the bottom of the inning. No lead is ever safe in Coors, ever, and Story starts to prove that as he gets his own double to drive in the bearded dude.

Weaver brings things under control, allowing only the 1 run, but nothing is ever certain in Coors and I encourage our Snakeball Overlords to keep piling on the runs. 7-1 Dbacks

Top of the 5th and just got word that Jones left the game feeling light headed. God speed Jones, and hopefully it’s just the altitude. :(

Weaver weaves through another batch of Rocks in the 5th and despite last inning’s run he really does look comfortable out there. Keep it up!

In the 6th Weaver builds upon his already stellar game with a neat little sacrifice RBI, and we’re ensure nothing gets too interesting in the game. 8-1 Dbacks going in to the bottom of the 6th.

Beer 3: Murk of the Beast by IPA by Pure Project

Only three Rockie hits thus far and with each inning I see Weaver pitch I’m given even more hope for this young season. He’s dialed in.

Freeland gets sent to his team’s version of the Tree of Woe and it falls to Yency of the Rocks to dam the flood of runs that is the Dbacks. Guess a change of pace is just what the Dbacks didn’t need and just what the Rocks hope for in the 7th. Still though, not sure this series would thrill me if I was a Rockies fan.

Another inning, another Weaver cruisefest. Yawn. 8-1 Dbacks

No action for us in the top of the 8th and Andriese has taken over things in the bottom of the frame. Allows a run thanks to Blackmon, which I can’t blame him there as he’s hella good, but he gets through the 8th without any other trouble and we don’t have much longer to go....I hope. 8-2 Dbacks

Beer 4: ChanDiego IPA by Belching Beaver

One last hurrah for the game as we trying to close things out against he Rocks calls for one last ale. Yoshi is warming up and we got one frame again a guy with an even bigger beard than Archie: Johnson. Walker’s beard is stronger though as his second double of the night drives in our 9th run. Time to close things out.........

Yoshi! Banzai! Game over and Dbacks cruise to glory. This is the kind of team I could get used to watching.

Bells and whistles, by Jim

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For A Few Dollars More: Luke Weaver, +18.1%
A Bullet for the General: Nick Ahmed, +17.3%
The Lone Ranger: Adam Jones, -4.5%

Yeah, Mrs. SnakePit was out for the day, so I had full reign of the television set, and have been taking full advantage. :) Thanks to Turambar for beercapping this one. Those present in the Gameday Thread were: 4 Corners Fan, AZDovs11, AZPerson, AzDbackfanInDc, BobDolio, CardsRepInChile, Diamondhacks, EphBoston, GuruB, Makakilo, MikeDavisAZ, MikeMono, MrMrrbi, Rockkstarr12, Sprankton, asteroid, edbigghead, kilnborn, onedotfive, ponus and suroeste. Comment of the thread to CardsRepInChile for this zinger:

The Diamondbacks have already clinched the series, and go for the sweep tomorrow. Zack Greinke takes the mound for Arizona, and given how well he has pitched (and hit!) of late, you’ve got to feel hopeful about that. First pitch is 12:10 pm Arizona time.