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D-backs 2, Giants 3: A Beer for the Last Days of Spring

Winter’s over?

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Arizona Diamondbacks Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Record: 25-22. Pace: 86-76, Change on 2018: 0.

May is almost over and it’s ....perfect. Yea it’s cliche to talk about the weather, and maybe even heresy to do so in a blog, but I can’t remember a May ever being this mild and awesome. Let us pray that extends to the D-backs, though as Jim pointed out we’re already guaranteed a better May than 2018.

Beer 1: Plot Armor by Bottle Logic

Thrilled that my trip to Prescott with my lovely fiancée ensured I wouldn’t have to cover last night’s debacle. So here I am hopefully about to cover a series W instead. Certainly a welcome sight to see Ray pitch versus Godley. Yea he can drive me just as crazy, but whereas I think Godley’s time as a closer has drawn to a close I still think Ray can be a transcendent pitcher, if only he could figure a couple things out.

Such as walks, as Ray opens the game up with one. Somehow Ray gets out of the first with nothing more than injured pride and a couple K’s. Not exactly instilling me with confidence, but I’ll take it.

Nothing going for us in the bottom of the frame and it falls to Ray to keep this early 0-0 tie intact for another inning. He’s does, that but only just barely. Still tied heading in to the bottom of the 2nd.

Pomeranz walks Thiccness Walker and then plunks Flores, some Gigante heroics robs Ahmed of an RBI and it falls to JRM to sav.....he’s walked too. Now it’s up to Ray to help his own cause, but that’s just asking for too much. Still tied at nada. Time for more hops.

Beer 2: Acropolis DIPA by Lead Dog Brewing

Upon my first sip of this nectar of the gods I noticed those wobbly wheels on Ray aren’t just wobbling, they’re falling off. Bases juiced and no outs, suddenly the idea of Godley starting seems less awful.

That feeling becomes quite profound when Ray walks in the first run of the game. Oh joy. 0-1 Giants.

Make that 0-2 and honestly it could have been MUCH worse. Apparently Ray though got a little pissed off at himself and punches the last two batters tickets to escape the inning. Maybe that’s the key: get Ray mad. I could be on to something here.

Bats still haven’t bothered to show up yet and we’re still on the wrong side of the score total at the end of the 3rd. Sunday funday y’all

Robbie’s anger propels him past the suck-zone he inhabited in innings prior and in to a land of promise; cruising through the 4th. Hope?

Hope indeed! Ahmed’s ground rule double breaks up the monotony and we’re finally in this game 1-2.

A wild pitch ties us up right after that and things are starting to look real good. I like this kinda party!

Beer 3: Tolesto IPA by Modern Times

Regrettably Jones can’t keep the party going as he flies out, but we’re back in business and I swear, watching good baseball makes the beer that much better.

Looks like the 5th, and hopefully beyond, falls to Sherfy to protect. Doing so admirably we move the tie in to the bottom of the 5th.

Pomeranz’s afternoon ends after a walk issued to Peralta and Gott is called up to face the Thiccness himself, who despite looking pretty solid today flies out to end the inning :(

Sherfy turns my frown upside down in the 6th, cruising through the Gigantes once more. Why, after all our bullpen issues this year and last, do we keep sending him down? ?????

Gott cruises as well and we’re going in to the 7th far quicker than I thought we would when Ray was still pitching. Still, can’t complain about a solid game.

Beer 4: Double Dry Hopped IPA by Tombstone Brewing Co

Chafin takes a stab at the Giants as I dive in to this amazing Arizona product. By the gods! Tombstone makes killer beer!

No blood drawn from either side in the 7th and looks like we’re gonna have some kind of late inning drama.

Lopez keeps this tie a thing. So here I am waiting to write about something interesting. Still waiting....

Walker with a single, that’s interesting! Then Dyson makes it uninteresting when he grounds out. Sigh....

Holland asserts his awesomeness in the 9th and we still got a chance to close this out in regulation time. Please.....

Ahmed draws a walk to lead off the 9th and I feel the need for one last beer......

Beer 5: Canadian Breakfast Stout by Founders

Winning run on first, winning beer in hand. Let’s go!!!!!!!

JRM does a useful thing with a bunt to advance Ahmed to second followed by Swihart getting called out by half a micron. So it falls to Jones to win the game.....and despite a laser beam to SS he can’t beat out the throw and we’re in extra innings.

Yoshi proceeds to give up a solo shot to the Panda and I’m pretty confident in saying this game is over.

Bells and whistles, by Jim

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On the Iron Throne: Nick Ahmed, +18.9%
Hand of the King: Walker, +17.1; Sherfy, +14.1%; Holland, +13.7%; Lopez, +10.7%
The Panda sends his regards: Yoshihisa Hirano, -30.0%
Dracaris: Jones, -26.4%; Marte, -17.2%; Dyson, -15.5%; Escobar, -15.4%

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Recs are free, and unlimited, so should be handed out like you’re a drunk houseowner on Halloween. As for the game, it was a disappointing end to a series which started so well, and we’ll be hoping for better on the road-trip. Luke Weaver starts tomorrow in San Diego for the Diamondbacks, with a first pitch of 7:10 pm.