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Preview, #43: 5/14 vs. Pirates

I hope you are enjoying your free tacos.

Atlanta Braves v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

If ever you want an example of recency bias in fandom, the difference between last night and tonight is a good example. At this point yesterday, comparisons to the disaster which was May 2018 were flowing freely, and it seemed the team might never score five runs in a game ever again. But now? All is once more right with the world, as the Diamondbacks’ thumping of the Pirates means they occupy sole possession of the second National League wild-card as we cross the one-quarter mark of the season. It is the nature of fans to over-react, I guess. Even though last night’s win was barely 0.6% of the regular-season schedule, its positive impact was considerably higher.

Some notes from Jack at the ballpark, where manager Torey Lovullo was discussing the pitching situation:

Interesting that the team are still considering going with the opener, even though the designated long-man, Jon Duplantier, was sent back to the minors immediately after and probably (save for an injury) won’t be able to be recalled for the game. Maybe Taylor Clarke will get the call for that game? Or they could use the off-day on Thursday to skip the fifth spot in the rotation this time round? The team could go Kelly, Ray and Weaver for the series against the Giants, with everyone on regular rest, then use Greinke in the opener at Petco versus San Diego, and only then need a fifth starter. However, the team has seemed reluctant to skip the spot previously.

It does look like the team will be stating away from Bradley for those high-leverage innings until he gets it together. Last night, he entered the game with a 7-run lead, the biggest he has seen as a Diamondback since September 2017, when he came in against the Royals, with the team up by 11-4. The results were not impressive - a run on three hits, albeit with a pair of strikeouts - and Lovullo’s comments suggest he’s going to go with a “set-up man by committee” for the present.