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D-backs 4, Braves 6: Liquor in the Pines with Turambar

Ah yes, nature.....and fine spirits

Bill McLaren

Record: 22-18. Pace: 89-73. Change on 2018: -2.

No beer today folks, for I am up in the wilds of northern Arizona. Such a place calls for whiskey, a good fire and an even better cigar.

Fine Bourbon 1: Stanahan’s Diamond Peak Colorado Whiskey

Here we go. Attended last night’s frustrating and low scoring affair and hoping tonight yields a bit more. Looks like Jones gets the night off and good ole Avila is back in the lineup. Would like to see Kelly more behind the plate, but I’m confident with Avila back we’ll at least see less of Murphy. That will surely make my fellow Brutes happy, as we’ve collectively assigned him to the Tree of Woe.

The other Kelly has himself a nice 1-2-3 inning as I’m reminded for the 15th time that it’s Star Wars night. Thus I feel it’s necessary to drop some quotes from time to time during this article. I trust none of you will mind too much?

Trust not in Kelly, yes. Mmmm. Problem is the second inning. Give up run we have. 0-1 Atlanta

I find this lack of offense disturbing. Two innings in and the bats are still relatively quiet. 0-1 going in to the 3rd.

Kelly’s pitches are fooling no one today, least of all the Braves. 0-2 Atlanta

Despite Kelly moving Avila to 3rd on an error, both Marte and Escobar prove to be mere padawans at batting, and once again we’re sent down in frustration. Still 0-2 going to the 4th.

Scotch 1: Macallan 12yr (Triple barrel conditioned)

We load the bases in the 4th, with no outs, but all for nothing. Swihart, Ahmed and Avila all fail at life. Vader awaits their pink slips out back....

Everything is NOT proceeding as I have foreseen. No offense. None as we go in to the 6th. This may be the second recap in a row that I’ve chosen poorly on. I hope, for the D-backs sake, that’s not the case.

Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational Peralta! Leadoff doubles are good, but Walker following up with a strikeout is bad.

Blessedly Ahmed drives in a run with a sac fly and we’re finally on the board on the 6th. 1-2 Braves going in to the 7th.

Kelly still in, and despite being far better than his last start in Tampa he gives up a solo shot and this game is starting to look out of reach.

Excellent Tequila 1: Don Julio 1942

God this is good stuff. Real nectar of the gods type stuff. Just the stuff to soften up a frustrating game. 1-3 after the Braves HR and we go in to the bottom of the 7th.

Jones had the day off, but his late game appearance was very strong in the Force as he abuses a Tomlin pitch in to the left field bleachers and we have a game again. 2-3 Braves

Archie’s brought in for the 8th and after a quick out Freeman does what and batter should do again Archie and waits on the fastball, which he trades in for a triple. Archie follows that up with a walk and Butcher is likely not feeling great about this. The “I got a bad feeling about this” kinda feeling continues as Archie allows a run and we’re back to bad feeling land: 2-4 Braves

Make that 2-5. Archie will soon be assigned to the Tree of Woe

Swihart knows all about the high ground, as he crushes a two-run bomb in the 8th to make up for Archie’s failings. 4-5 Braves and it’s a game again.

.....Until Yoshi fails. 4-6 and it’s officially game over as we’re unable to claw back in the 9th.

Bells and whistles, by Jim

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Luke Skywalker: Adam Jones, +14.5%
Princess Leia: Flores, +12.3%; Swihart, +11.1%
Jar Jar Binks: Nick Ahmed, -20.6%
Ewoks: Marte, -19.9%; Bradley, -19.2%; Avila, -17.5%

Thanks to those present in the GDT, who were: AZDovs11, AzDbackfanInDc, AzRattler, DeadManG, Diamondhacks, EphBoston, Gilbertsportsfan, GuruB, Jack Sommers, Jim McLennan, Justin27, Makakilo, Michael McDermott, MrMrrbi, Nate Rowan, NikT77, Rockkstarr12, Samburt, Snake_Bitten, Sprankton, asteroid, gamepass, onedotfive and suroeste. Only Sedona Red comment was be EphBoston, so we’ll go with that - even though it or some variation also showed up independently in the recap and the preview Tweet! Guess the old jokes are... um, the oldest. :)

We’re back tomorrow for the finale in the series, with the D-backs trying to avoid what would be a disappointing loss. Hey, at least this wasn’t a one-run defeat. They just announced in the post-game that Zack Godley will be back in the rotation and starts tomorrow so... we’ll see, I guess!