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Preview, #26: 4/25 @ Pirates

What, again with this break of dawn nonsense?

Bird Life At Elmley Marshes Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Today's Lineups

Jarrod Dyson - LF Cole Tucker - SS
Ildemaro Vargas - 2B Gregory Polanco - RF
Eduardo Escobar - 3B Colin Moran - 2B
Christian Walker - 1B Josh Bell - 1B
Ketel Marte - CF Jung Ho Kang - 3B
Blake Swihart - RF J.B. Shuck - LF
Nick Ahmed - SS Elias Diaz - C
John Ryan Murphy - C Jason Martin - CF
Zack Greinke - RHP Jameson Taillon - RHP

This will be a terse preview, since I am heading back to bed. The convention lurgy which was incubating yesterday, has now blossomed into full-blown nastiness, so I’m going back to bed whenever I finish this. Not even going to work, and I’ve only missed two days in 12 years. Not coincidentally, both of those were this year. Related: my company was apparently required by Arizona law to give sick time off. So they shifted it over from our holiday bank. You can’t cash it out or carry more than a certain amount forward, so I suspect the result was inevitable: more call-outs as people realize they need to use those days rather than losing them. Today, however, is 110% legit. I won’t be around much.

The D-backs will be going for the four-game road sweep, always an impressive feature, and if memory serves me right, they have won the last nine games in Pittsburgh. Despite allegations to the contrary, Zack Greinke is still penciled in as the starting pitcher for this one. However, it’s possible the weather may interfere: according to @DbacksRadio though, they’re hopeful we’ll be able to get this one in before it all comes down.

That’s all I’ve got. I’m going for NyQuil.