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Dbacks 1, Cubs 9

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Arizona Diamondbacks Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This game was realistically decided when it was announced that Matt Andriese was the starting pitcher. Even if you think that a game has to start before it’s decided, it still didn’t take long before it was clear this wasn’t Arizona’s night. They were down 5-1 by the time Andriese left the game at the end of the second. That became a 9-1 deficit after the Cubs put up a four run fifth inning.

As that kind of tells you, the offense wasn’t a whole lot better than the pitching. Ketel Marte hit a solo home run in the second. Vargas and Bracho got something started with one out in the sixth, but nothing came of it after Souza struck out and Ahmed ground out. After that held them in check, but too little, way too late.

All in all, a disappointing game in a disappointing month. Full recap to follow... whenever I get back from the ballpark.