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Arizona Diamondbacks 4, Colorado Rockies 5

It was great up until the point that it wasn’t.

Arizona Diamondbacks v Colorado Rockies Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The Arizona Diamondbacks led this entire contest against the Colorado Rockies until the final at bat of the game. At the end of the night, a lack of offense and an inability to secure the final three outs of the game for the D’backs resulted in another soul crushing defeat in the late innings. Arizona entered the bottom of the ninth with a 4-3 lead despite being out hit by Colorado 11 to 4 at that point. Gerardo Parra (damn you DC) reached first to lead off the last inning on a sinking hit that clanked off of Goldy’s glove. Blackmon moved him to second with a sac bunt, and DJ “Cheater” LeMahieu rocked a two run shot to right field to walk it off, a 5-3 victory for the Rockies.

Full recap after I finish gouging my eyes out. Might be awhile.