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Preview, #112: 8/4 vs. Giants

Alumni day at Chase Field and the team also celebrates the 20th anniversary team,

San Francisco Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Today's Lineups

Andrew McCutchen - RF David Peralta - LF
Gorkys Hernandez - LF Eduardo Escobar - 3B
Evan Longoria - 3B Paul Goldschmidt - 1B
Brandon Crawford - SS A.J. Pollock - CF
Austin Slater - 1B Steven Souza - RF
Joe Panik - 2B Nick Ahmed - SS
Nick Hundley - C Ketel Marte - 2B
Steven Duggar - CF Jeff Mathis - C
Andrew Suarez - LHP Clay Buchholz - RHP

The fans voted for the 20th anniversary team, but I figured it might be interesting to put together a version based entirely on metrics. So, below, you’ll find two rosters selected by a) Total bWAR as a Diamondback, and b) highest single-season bWAR. Qualification at a position required 50% of games played there (career or season, as appropriate). But I’ve also added a couple of bench spots, to cover players who might otherwise have missed out.

  • Catcher: Miguel Montero (13.3); Montero (2012, 4.5)
  • First base: Paul Goldschmidt (38.2); Goldschmidt (8.7, 2015)
  • Second base: Orlando Hudson (10.5); Jean Segura (5.5, 2016)
  • Shortstop: Stephen Drew (13.2); Drew (4.0, 2010)
  • Third base: Matt Williams (8.3); Williams (4.1, 1999)
  • Utility infielder: Craig Counsell (12.7); Counsell (5.5, 2005)
  • Left field: Luis Gonzalez (30.1); Gonzalez (7.9, 2001)
  • Center field: A.J. Pollock (19.7); Pollock (7.2, 2015)
  • Right field: Justin Upton (13.7); Gerardo Parra (5.7, 2013)
  • Utility outfielder: Steve Finley (18.1); Upton (5.5, 2011)
  • Starting pitchers: Randy Johnson (52.6); Johnson (10.7, 2002)
    Brandon Webb (33.0); Curt Schilling (8.8, 2001)
    Schilling (25.9); Webb (7.0, 2006)
    Dan Haren (13.2); Haren (6.5, 2009)
    Zack Greinke (12.0); Greinke (6.1, 2017)
  • Relievers: Byung-Hyun Kim (8.3); Kim (4.0, 2002)
    Brad Ziegler (6.7); Archie Bradley (3.6, 2017)

A couple of things stand out. Firstly, just how damn good Goldy has been, and is still going. The second-best career 1B for the D-backs has barely one-tenth of the WAR: Erubiel Durazo at 4.3. Center was probably the most competitive position, with Pollock, Steve Finley and Chris Young all relatively close. The highest single-season bWAR in right was a bit of a surprise, but I imagine at least one SnakePitter will be pleased with the winner there.

The fan selected team is relatively close, with the differences to this one, mostly in the middle infield, where Jay Bell and Tony Womack were chosen over candidates who you could make a strong case were more productive. But flags fly forever, amIrite? However, Kim still hasn’t been forgiven for his role in the 2001 World Series, despite being far and away the best reliever this team has ever had. Dan Haren is another unjustly overlooked, with his spot in the rotation instead going to Corbin. While no knock on Corbin, this seems like recency bias. Though the fact the Haren’s two seasons here were almost entirely forgettable from the team perspective probably makes a difference.