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Arizona Diamondbacks 7, San Francisco Giants 3

Arizona picks up their fourth series win in a row to begin the season.

Arizona Diamondbacks  v San Francisco Giants Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Following last evening’s walk off loss the Diamondbacks needed a win today in order to win their fourth series in a row to open up the 2018 season. Robbie “Big Game Bob” Ray was on the mound for the good guys opposing rookie starting pitcher Andrew Suarez of the Giants. Home plate umpire Scott Barry provided us with yet another questionable strike zone. After gifting Suarez with his first strikeout in his MLB career in the 1st inning, Paul Goldschmidt reintroduced Suarez to the league with a 110 MPH 2 run home run 436 to left center field.

“Bob” Ray was only able to pitch 4 and 23 and continued to struggle a bit at times with his command, albeit not as bad as he had been in his previous two starts. Ray allowed the Giants only 3 runs, all earned, on 5 hits, 3 walks, and struck out 6 on 100 pitches. Goldy and John Ryan Murphy did all the heavy lifting driving in 6 of the Diamondbacks 7 runs, each man with a double and a home run.

Full recap to follow!