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Diamondbacks 9, Rockies 8: The First Sip - D-backs & Ales

My Thirst for Baseball Quenched at Last

MLB: Spring Training-Arizona Diamondbacks at San Francisco Giants Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Record: 2-0. Pace: 162-0. Change on 2017: +1.

A new season has dawned and my old Beer-cap haunt has closed. 2017 saw the end of the much praised Papago Brewing Co, a watering hole that served as my HQ for almost all of the beers caps I’ve ever done.

So with that era at a close I start a new era at Kings Beer & Wine in midtown Phoenix. This new base camp for my recap assent comes with new perks, specifically it eclipses Papago’s paltry 30 taps with a impressive 76 taps. More importantly though Kings consistently has a vast array of “hazy” IPAs to choose from; my new style of choice.

Beer 1: Take Warning NE Style IPA by Dark Sky

  • Hopefully you’re asking yourself right now “By Vishnu’s beard, what is a hazy IPA?” Good question, a Hazy or New England Style IPA is an unfiltered and very juicy style of IPA. One that focuses on heavy floral aromas and juicy mouth feel versus the aggressive bitterness often associated with most West Coast style IPAs.
  • But enough with the beer lesson, on to baseball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ray was so special to watch in almost all his starts last season. He gave us all hope that perhaps Zach might not be that no. 1 much longer. Not because of injury, regression or trade, but because Ray might just be that much better.
  • Strange to write that as Ray gets out of the 1st frame seemingly a little shaky, but without any blood allowed. knock on wood
  • I keep looking and hoping for Goldy fireworks in this young season, but I’ll happily continue to enjoy guys like Lamb and AJ stepping up to get those runs home. That said it’s 2-0 off a AJ double with Owings then taking the walk. Dingers are fine and dandy but good small-ball gets runs across too.
  • Yes it’s a young season, but as Lamb strikes out I really gotta wonder if he’ll ever be “ok” against lefties? Sure would be swell.........
  • Ahmed can’t offense. Ahmed swing bad. Ahmed fail at RBI. That same Ahmed deposits a HR in the bullpen making it 5-0. Lets hope Ahmed keeps it up.
  • Good feelings must be balanced by the bad I guess, as Ray gives up a 2run blast to Desmond. Bound to happen with a fireworks laden team like the Rockies, but I don’t have to like it :( 5-2 D-backs

Beer 2: Pulp Addiction NE Style IPA by Epic Brewing Co.

  • Yes I require more of the hazy goodness. This style really is becoming quite the craze in the beer world, and I love it. Will it stay that way? Meh, we’ll see , but even in my young life I’ve seen many a style fade to obscurity.
  • Ray gets his 6th K in the 3rd and it seems he might just be settling in. Realized during the same frame that pitching to Murphy is still a new thing for him. Potentially why those first couple innings were very un-Ray-esque.
  • 6-2 Dbacks after an AJ triple and Parra making an interesting play of a blooper hit by Owings. Don’t get me wrong, I kinda miss Parra, but I’m pretty sure he could have made that out. Just saying.....
  • Once again, young season, but as Ahmed bats another run in I gotta wonder if he’s finally starting to get the whole batting thing. 7-2 D-backs
  • 3 innings in and we’ve sent yet another Rockies starter to the Tree of Woe. No this kind of production wont last, but I sure as hell love watching it.
  • Desmond seems to have solved the riddle of Ray (yes, another Conan reference).....guess Parra did too as he sends one sailing to right. Ugghhhh. This is why we can’t have nice things. 7-4 D-backs.

Beer 3: Dank Fruit Double IPA by Tombstone Brewing Co

  • Well, can’t stick with the hazy all night, though Tombstone is known for just that. Just as I write that Blackmon ties up the game and all the good things I said about Ray go away. This certainly wont be the last ale I consume tonight. 7-7 in the 4th
  • I just had to explain to the bartender that with this game being a slug fest there’s a very good chance that I’ll gl through many many many beers, and thus die. Pray for me.
  • Ray, he heard my prayers, for in the 5th he actually gave up zero runs. That spares me from the trials of at least 1 more beer. Ray, truly a merciful pitcher.
  • All that shit-talking I gave Ahmed must have really paid of as he drives in ANOTHER RBI. Yes, it’s only game 2, but 8-7 D-backs.

Beer 4: Cascade Smash IPA by La Cumbre

  • God help me. A beer that perfectly describes how this night may end: smashed.
  • Just as I struggle to write that we smash yet another run in making it 9-7. It’s gonna be an awesome Friday.
  • RDLA has come in to replace the mortal Ray and keeps this slug fest from getting too crazy. 9-7 going in to the bottom of the 6th. Maybe I’ll live just yet?
  • Marte smash!!!!!! I get it though. He just signed an extension and wants to prove his worth, so after another bad night he grows weary of the struggles and gets tossed for releasing that rage. He’s human after all.
  • As of 12/23/2017 I started to cultivate my beard. It’s 3/30/2018 and my beard is still many months away from reaching the glory embodied in Archie’s wiskers. Even his Oden-esque beard is mortal though as he allows a run in the 7th. 9-8 Dbacks, perhaps his beard is merciful?

Beer 5: North Island NE Style IPA by Coronado Brewing Co

  • Well, so much for a short night.
  • Yoshi has a ways to go before we potentially make him the closer, but if the 8th inning has taught me anything it’s that he’s got some nasty pitches.
  • Boxberger. Please save me from this madness. I pray .......
  • We win!!!!! I live!!!! Yay!

Stars of the game

☆☆☆ Nick Ahmed: 3-for-4, HR, five RBI
☆☆ A.J. Pollock: 2-for-4, two R, two RBI
☆ Paul Goldschmidt: 0-for-2, R, BB, HBP, being Goldy

Bells and whistles, by Jim

Click here for details, at
Going to Disneyworld: Nick Ahmed, +26.5%
Going to Universal Studios: Boxberger, +17.8%; Pollock, +17.2%; Hirano, +12.9%
Going to Wally World: Robbie Ray, -24.4%

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We will reconvene tomorrow, on the 20th anniversary of the franchise’s birth, and go for the sweep, with Zack Greinke on the mound. Hopefully, that will be not just a victory, but one a little less stressful than this! 5:10pm first pitch, but there will be celebrations beforehand, so arrive early!