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Diamondbacks Opinion & Analysis

Series Preview # 25: Diamondbacks @ Giants

Two teams battle with aspirations to win the NL West.

A Diamondbacks’ Perspective on The Trade Deadline

Opportunity knocks!

Alek Thomas

His path forward.

A Perspective on Four Batters

Of the 8 above average Diamondbacks’ batters, four are most interesting.

Series Preview # 19: Diamondbacks vs Braves

This series is about who has the better rotation with three great pitching matchups.

David Bednar

In November David Bednar was an acquisition candidate. This season, how did he peform?

Do Diamondback Batters Approach Each Inning Differently?

The second inning approach might be different than the others.

Series Preview # 16 : Diamondbacks @ Phillies

The Diamondbacks’ offensive advantage could be magnified by the Phillies pitching.

Konnor Pilkington

The pilk man is now a Diamondback.

Double Plays

Diamondbacks’ double-plays per-opportunity were above-average.

Series Preview #12 : Diamondbacks vs Marlins

The Diamondbacks need to win this series with the Marlins to stay ahead of the Mets and the Cubs in the wild card race.

Thwarting Stolen Bases

Which team has supernatural talent in preventing stolen bases?

Kim Ng Has a Sense of Urgency

Series Preview #7 : Diamondbacks vs Padres

Will these teams split another series?

Jose Ruiz

How Teams Made Their Active Rosters

Teams have different styles to make their active rosters.

Series Preview #3: Diamondbacks vs Dodgers

And the wizard returned.

What do Three Diamondbacks Have in Common with Fernando Tatis Jr.?

Series Preview #2 : Diamondbacks @ Padres

These two teams are better than last season.

Will The Diamondbacks Outshine An Optimistic Projection?


Will Diamondbacks or Giants Win More Games?

The race will be close.

Four Infielders Who Defended the Outfield

Their infield defense was impacted.

A Perspective of Andrew Chafin

His pitching is good at two levels.

Bullpen reinforcements: those we didn’t sign.

We revisit some previous articles.

Book Review: The Life You Imagine

Advice from Derek Jeter

Plate Appearances With Runner(s) on Base

With one out and runner(s) on base the Diamondbacks were at their best. Next season their results will likely improve.

A Different Diamondbacks’ Offseason Report Card

Did the team improve?

A Perspective of Diamondbacks’ Saves in Relief

An improved bullpen will dramatically increase saves. The closer will likely be a platoon of Mark Melancon and one of the newly acquired relievers.

A Perspective on Sustainability of the Diamondbacks

Although full sustainability is not yet achieved, sustainability was increased in five ways.

What Are Pavin Smith’s Batting Strengths?

Three strengths stood out.

Who Will Be Next Season’s Unsung Hero for the Diamondbacks?

It’s very much unpredictable. That didn’t stop me from identifying the most promising players.

A Perspective of Diamondbacks’ Rebuilt Offense

Despite the trade, Diamondbacks will likely win more games.