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Diamondbacks Opinion & Analysis

Arizona Diamondbacks 5, Texas Rangers 8: More Suction Than a Dyson

How about another gander at Luke Weaver?

Does starting pitching make or break a team?

Series Preview # 44 : Diamondbacks vs Mariners

Although the Mariners have a better bullpen, the other comparisons are interesting.

Arizona Diamondbacks 8, San Diego Padres 3: Welcome Back

Weaving just like we dreamed.

The Fourth Musketeer

All for one, and one for all.

Arizona Diamondbacks 5, Pittsburgh Pirates 2: Captain Gilbert

The game was looking fairly perfect for Tyler Gilbert through the first three innings.

More Insights on One-Run Games

The Diamondbacks could win more one-run games next season.

Series Preview # 41 : Diamondbacks @ Pirates

Will the Diamondbacks sweep the series?

Arizona Diamondbacks 4, Philadelphia Phillies 2: Sticking* to the Game Plan

The Arizona Diamondbacks have won 5 of their last 6 games. Will their winning ways stick?

Mind Gym Book Review

Thinking ahead, I imagine that Mind Gym will become a timeless classic.

Series Preview # 38 : Diamondbacks vs Padres

With Tatis Jr. on the IL, with good pitching matchups, Diamondbacks will challenge the Padres.

Arizona Diamondbacks 2, San Francisco Giants 7: We need some gauze, man.

Too many home runs for the opposing team. Too many injuries for Kole Calhoun. Too many infielders in the outfield. Too many missed scoring opportunities. Too many losses.

Insights on 1-Run Losses

Let’s look at eight possible causes.

Arizona Diamondbacks 1, San Francisco Giants 7: Faria Us From This Pain

Failure to capitalize offensively in the sixth and with two outs in the seventh on the mound doomed the Arizona Diamondbacks tonight.

Carson Kelly

Series Preview # 35 : Diamondbacks vs Giants

Arizona Diamondbacks 3, Texas Rangers 2: Texas in July

Where are the medals, podiums, and anthems?

First 30 Games With New Hitting Coaches

Did the Diamondbacks’ offense improve?

Series Preview # 32 : Diamondbacks @ Cubs

An opportunity knocks for the Diamondbacks to win a series against the Cubs.

MLB Women’s Baseball Day

Who would I pick to play for the Diamondbacks?

Arizona Diamondbacks 4, Pittsburgh Pirates 2: Clash of the... Titans?

Things got a little heated between Eduardo Escobar and David Peralta in the dugout, but the D’backs come away with a victory.

Jake Arrieta

His career started slowly. A trade led to his success.

Arizona Diamondbacks 6, Colorado Rockies 4: Win? Can You Use it in a Sentence?

Arizona wins back-to-back games for the first time since May 10th and 11th.

The Wonder of Positive Streaks

More wonderful than losing streaks.

Series Preview # 27 : Diamondbacks vs Giants

Although the Giants are a formidable team, the Diamondbacks will likely win at least one game in the series.

Arizona Diamondbacks 4, St. Louis Cardinals 7: June Swoon

The Arizona Diamondbacks complete the month of June with three wins and twenty-four losses.

Batting Strategy For Pitches Outside the Zone.

It appears the batting strategy of lowering the O-Swing rate was effective. The benefits were limited.

Arizona Diamondbacks 0, Milwaukee Brewers 5: One

Same as it was.

The Reliable Reliever - My View

Taylor Clarke’s broken goose egg percentage shows him as more reliable than Holland and Jansen were in 2019.

Series Preview # 24 : Diamondbacks vs Brewers