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Diamondbacks Opinion & Analysis

2021 Arizona Diamondbacks Reviews, #2: Daulton Varsho

A tremendous athlete at just 25 years of age who can play both behind home plate and in the outfield takes the #2 spot in 2021 Arizona Diamondbacks player rankings.

2021 Arizona Diamondbacks Reviews, #8: Tyler Gilbert

Can a legend be forged in a single performance? After what the Arizona Diamondbacks endured last season, perhaps so.

Does Scoring the First Run Make a Difference?

The answer is interesting.

Hitting Homers

Diamondbacks homers are trending downward. Let’s focus on the impact of homers in the 2021 season and possible improvement next season.

2021 Arizona Diamondbacks Reviews, #21: Kole Calhoun

Hamstrings, tendons, and menisci... oh my!

Hitting Line Drives

Let’s look at 12 Diamondbacks position players who will likely continue to play for the Diamondbacks next season.

Book Review: Rod Carew’s Hit to Win

Have you discovered this book?

Christian Walker’s Tender Offer

Christian Walker’s tender off surprised many fans. Let’s look at the pros and cons of his tender offer.

Diamondbacks Batting: The Basics

After looking at a few top-level guiding principles, let’s look at a few statistics that reflect the general skill of Diamondback batters.

2021 Arizona Diamondbacks Reviews, #52: Nick Heath

The "throwing things at the wall to see what sticks" series continues with Nick Heath.

What Average Leverage Index Revealed About the 2021 Diamondbacks

By looking at this season, we observe ways to add wins next season.

Diamondback Fastball Trends

With better than average fastballs, in September cutter fastballs spiked.

Candidates for Third Base

Who will play third base for the Diamondbacks? In 2022, the status quo is not an option because Escobar and Cabrera are gone.

Rotation Candidates for the 2022 Diamondbacks

Candidates’ stats are compared to averages. Four role models are suggested.

Picking Position Players for 2022 Diamondbacks

Choices are explained, subject to caveats.

Arizona Diamondbacks 0, San Francisco Giants 1: Catch a Boat

Mercy shines upon me.

Hits & Misses in Stat Predictions

Some stat leaders were young new faces.

Series Preview # 50 : Diamondbacks vs Dodgers & The Wizard Returns

How High Will The Diamondbacks Bounce in 2022?

Although it’s not a sure thing, there are good reasons to expect the 2022 Diamondbacks to win more than 77 games.

Series Preview # 48 : Diamondbacks @ Astros

This series is between two young teams who will push to win every game.

Insights on Diamondback Relief Pitchers

Let’s look at seven aspects.

Arizona Diamondbacks 5, Texas Rangers 8: More Suction Than a Dyson

How about another gander at Luke Weaver?

Does starting pitching make or break a team?

Series Preview # 44 : Diamondbacks vs Mariners

Although the Mariners have a better bullpen, the other comparisons are interesting.

Arizona Diamondbacks 8, San Diego Padres 3: Welcome Back

Weaving just like we dreamed.

The Fourth Musketeer

All for one, and one for all.

Arizona Diamondbacks 5, Pittsburgh Pirates 2: Captain Gilbert

The game was looking fairly perfect for Tyler Gilbert through the first three innings.

More Insights on One-Run Games

The Diamondbacks could win more one-run games next season.

Series Preview # 41 : Diamondbacks @ Pirates

Will the Diamondbacks sweep the series?

Arizona Diamondbacks 4, Philadelphia Phillies 2: Sticking* to the Game Plan

The Arizona Diamondbacks have won 5 of their last 6 games. Will their winning ways stick?