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Diamondbacks Opinion & Analysis

A deeper dive into Christian Walker’s ridiculously low batting average on balls in play

Walker has produced a .187 BABIP on the season. Are there any underlying factors as to why the slugger is struggling in that area?

First Pitches of the Game to Diamondback Batters

When Cooper Hummel and Daulton Varsho led off the game, they contributed significant added run expectancy.

Series Preview # 21 : Diamondbacks vs Twins

Jose Miranda is a top-100 prospect in his debut season.

Why Dallas Keuchel Will Join D-backs’ Rotation

Adjustments will lead to renewed success.

Strikeouts and Walks vs. Quality of Contact: Which input has a larger effect on run prevention?

Pitching comes down to the ability to miss bats, limit free passes, and limit the amount of quality contact. We see which has the biggest impact on run prevention in both traditional and the sabermetric sense.

Season Pitch Counts Provide Insights

One insight: Players who pitched in 2012 and were still pitching this season had more strikeouts per pitch than pitchers who threw the most pitches in the decade.

Series Preview # 18: Diamondbacks @ Reds

It’s time to repeat the feat.

Joe Mantiply has quietly become one of the best left-handed relievers in baseball

Since June 20th of last season, Joe Mantiply has put up some sick numbers in the Diamondbacks bullpen.

A Batting Game Plan Against Two Pitchers

In the context of the Diamondback hitting philosophy, with this plan batters are expected to have success against Hunter Greene and Vladimir Gutierrez.

Called Strike Plus Whiff Rate: How can we use it to determine pitcher performance?

Taking a look at 2021 data to determine how we can interpret CSW% for pitching.

A pair of overlooked reliever prospects that could be in the D-backs bullpen soon

Two arms recently promoted to AAA that aren’t talked about on prospect lists who could be contributors in the 2022 bullpen

A tale of three second-year Diamondbacks: Pavin Smith is having the typical ups and downs

Pavin Smith has shown improved contact in 2022, but that has come with some warts.

Series Preview # 15 : Diamondbacks vs Dodgers

The balance of this series will be tipped by one thing: pitching.

A tale of three second-year Diamondbacks: Daulton Varsho, the budding star

Daulton Varsho has been one of the most productive position players through the first quarter of the 2022 season.

Unsung Hero: The Final Chapter

Exciting highs of success and terrible-abysmal ordeals took turns defining Evan Marshall’s career. Next season, he will write the final chapter of his baseball career.

Jake McCarthy and Stone Garrett are crushing the ball for Reno

A look at the batted ball data of the best two performers on Reno’s current roster.

Christian Walker is primed to have the best season of his career in 2022

Strong batted ball data, improved plate discipline, and elite defense has the former waiver pickup primed to be a key contributor for the Diamondbacks

Core Diamondbacks in the Last 10 Seasons

There were 14 core players; 5 participated in this season.

David Peralta’s Breakout

His three powerful improvements will continue to improve his batting statistics.

Series Preview # 10 : Diamondbacks vs Marlins

The Diamondbacks will likely win this series.

Series Preview # 9 : Diamondbacks vs Rockies

The Diamondbacks will likely win this series.

Will Christian Walker Be An All-Star This Season?

His defense is on pace to be nominated for a Gold Glove. His offensive is comparable to last season’s All-Stars.

Jacob Webb

Diamondbacks’ reliever who will likely be called up.

Series Preview # 6 : Diamondbacks vs Dodgers

The Diamondbacks are playing well and will likely win one game.

Yonny Hernandez

Will he establish himself in the Majors?

Series Preview # 3: Diamondbacks @ Mets

Assuming their bats improve, D-backs have chances to win a game or two against the Mets.

Destroyer of Worms

Last season with the Royals he hit 63.4% ground balls, and with the Orioles he hit 56.5% ground balls.

Initial analysis of the Diamondbacks 2022 Opening Day roster

Who’s suiting up for the Snakes on Opening Day 2022?

An Optimistic Win Projection for the Diamondbacks

Third Base Options to Start the Season

Who should play third base?