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Snake Bytes

Snake Bytes 12/2: Open Discussion Thread

Please, feel free to chat baseball amongst yourselves.

Snake Bytes 11/29: The Grass Grows Slowly

More moves around MLB preceding the upcoming winter meetings, but nothing yet involving Arizona.

Snake Bytes, 11/27: Leftovers

I've almost had my fill of honeybaked ham. ALMOST...

Snake Bytes 11/25: Offseason Saturday

With turkey consumed, we now prepare for the winter meetings.

Snake Bytes 11/22: Worthless Wednesday

Even people who have to go into work today are mostly heading in to watch the clock before ducking out just after lunch.

Snake Bytes: 11/18: The Stove Is Heating

The non-tender deadline has passed and a number of minor trades have been completed by teams other than Arizona.

Snake Bytes, 11/13: Rumblings and grumblings

And that was just the bathrooms at the GM meetings...

Snake Bytes 11/8: Let the Doldrums Begin

The World Series is over. The initial flurry of moves put on hold until the World Series concluded is also subsiding. Now begins the long wait for pitchers and catchers to report.

Snake Bytes, 11/6: Men With The Golden Gloves

Award season starts, payroll is discussed, and reptiles are named.

Snake Bytes 11/1: Ewww

The offense chipped away and managed to score seven, but only late and after the team was down 10.

Snake Bytes, 10/30: Chase the title

Finally, the World Series has come back to Phoenix!

Snake Bytes 10/28: Texas Walkered

The big blast from Garcia in the 11th was the final nail in the coffin, but it was an excessive amount of walks which set the stage for the Rangers’ heroics-fueled victory.

Snake Bytes, 7/23: Win or Go Home

The D-backs need victory today in Philadelphia to keep their season alive.

Snake Bytes 10/21: A Brand New Series

Alek Thomas brought the heroics on Friday and now the NLCS is a best-of-three series with Arizona having the momentum and sending Zac Gallen to the mound at Chase Field for tonight’s game.

Snake Bytes 10/18: Well, That Sucked

Trea Turner continued to own Merrill Kelly. The offense forgot to show up, and Arizona’s mid-season bullpen returned for a postseason engagement.

Snake Bytes, 10/16: Let Battle Commence!

Game One of the NLCS is tonight in Philadelphia

Snake Bytes 10/14: The Ring of Fire

A day later and yes, it is still true - the Diamondbacks are headed to the NLCS.

Snake Bytes 10/11: Fans, Ready Your Brooms

It has taken five games, but Arizona finally gets to play their first home game of the postseason. What’s more, their first home game of the postseason is an opportunity for them to sweep the Evil Empire of the West out of October baseball. No pressure, Brandon Pfaadt.

Snake Bytes, 10/9: Gallentine's Playoff Day

Split in LA secured, but a chance for much more...

Snake Bytes 10/7: LDS Weekend

It’s going to be an exciting weekend for baseball fans.

Snake Bytes 10/4: Taking Control

The Diamondbacks took game one of the three-game series, putting them in the driver’s seat.

Snake Bytes 10/3: Postseason Edition

Only two seasons after losing 110 games, the Diamondbacks are playing a postseason game, their first since being unceremoniously ousted from the playoffs in 2017.

Snake Bytes, 10/2: Sheriff Pfaadtman

Let's go, Brandon...

Snake Bytes 9:27: Pouring It On

After dropping the ball in New York (again) the Diamondbacks took took on the White Sox in Chicago’s southside, with predictable results.

Snake Bytes 9/23: Diamondbacks Judged Unworthy

The Diamondbacks sent Brandon Pfaadt to the mound to face off against Aaron Judge and the Yankees. Predictable things followed.

Snake Bytes 9/20: They Might be Giants (Killers)

One of my favorite catchphrases for smallball baseball is, "Speed kills." The Snakes showed why on Tuesday night when their speed on the bases created havoc of a sort that put the Diamondbacks in the driver’s seat, both for the game and for the playoffs.

Snake Bytes, 9/18: Bear-hunting quota reached

The Cubs are now an endangered species.

Snake Bytes 9/16: Warning, Not Recommended for Those with Heart Conditions

Even strong, complete team games are starting to come with too much high-pressure drama.

Snake Bytes 9/13: Missed Opportunities Hurt

While Ryne Nelson did his best impression of a Christmas tree, the Arizona offense squandered enough opportunities to erase his troubles.

Snake Bytes, 9/11: New York, New York

The D-backs arrive in New York on the 22nd anniversary of 9/11

Snake Bytes 9/9: Big Game Gallen

With the Diamondbacks needing a win to continue to control their own destiny, Zac Gallen took to the mound against playoff hopeful Chicago (on the road even) and pitched a CGSO.

Snake Bytes, 9/4: Bird Strike

Ah, so that’s why they have the best record in the American League,,.