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Snake Bytes

Snake Bytes 3/29: Tomorrow Is Only a Day Away

Opening Day finally arrives tomorrow.

Snake Bytes 3/25: Through a Glass, Darkly

Spring training is almost over and the Diamondbacks still have a number of important decisions to make.

Snake Bytes 3/22: Team Japan Wins It Again

Japan dethroned Team USA on their way to securing their third WBC championship.

Snake Bytes 3/18: Things are Starting to Heat Up

Arizona’s pitching competition heats up and so does WBC’s level of excitement.

Snake Bytes 3/11: Spring Shenanigans

Get pulled from the game in the first, go back out and pitch two more innings later, nothing odd here - nothing at all.

Snake Bytes 3/8: It Has Begun

Finally, the WBC is here. I guess I have to add the full cable package to my household for a month so I can actually see any of it.

Snake Bytes 3/1: Time to Settle In

Okay, the calendar has flipped to a new month. How about the Snakes start looking more like a team interested in winning.

Snake Bytes 2/25: Getting Into Shape

The Diamondbacks have a tall task ahead of them this season. Time to get ready for it.

Snake Bytes 2/22: It’s Spring Training, Time for the Rains to Fall

Welcome to February in the Valley of the Sun.

Snake Bytes, 2/8: Audio treats

A multi-media edition of Snake Bytes!

Snake Bytes: 02/06 - Zack is Back

Unfortunately not with the D-Backs.

Snake Bytes: 01/30 - 10 games under .500

Vegas’ verdict on the Diamondbacks is out.

Snake Bytes, 1/25: Rolen rolls into Cooperstown

There will be one extra man in Cooperstown, Scott Rolen just sliding over the finish line.

Snake Bytes, 01/18: Bye-bye, J.B.

Probably the last time I’ll need to look up how to spell "Bukauskas"...

Snake Bytes, 12/20: 'Tis the season...

...for not very much, it would appear.

Snake Bytes, 12/7: No luck of the draw for Arizona

Snake Bytes, 12/6: Hot stove warming nicely

Some big moves took place. Just not by the Diamondbacks.

Snake Bytes, 12/5: Winter meetings start

Will anything of note happen in San Diego?

Snake Bytes, 11/22: Let the circling commence...

There's a lot of interest in Arizona's outfielders.

Snake Bytes: 11/9 - Warming Up the Stove

Teams and players have already begun to get this winter’s Hot Stove season going.

Snake Bytes, 11/8: Where are my matches?

The hot stove is, understandably, not exactly on fire yet.

Snake Bytes: 11/07 - Opt Outs or “links to MLB Trade Rumors”

So many players opting out.

Snake Bytes: 11/5 Win or Go Home

The mandate for the Phillies is simple this weekend, either they win both games and are crowned champions, or they go home and begin preparations for another run at the World Series next year.

Snake Bytes: 11/2 - Series Tipped in Philies’ Favor?

Houston’s pitcher insists he wasn’t tipping his pitches, that he just got beat. At the very least, the latter part is correct, though Philadelphia’s five home runs would suggest there might be something to the first part as well.

Snake Bytes, 11/1: Rain Stopped Play

There was no Halloween baseball in Philadelphia. Insert roof-based snark here.

Snake Bytes: 10/31 - Not Much Going On

No baseball on Sunday makes DBE’s Bytes a dull article.

Snake Bytes: 10/29 - Phillies Win Wild Game 1

Both starting pitchers were roughed up. Kyle Tucker had a night for the ages. But it was J.T. Realmuto and the Philadelphia Phillies who went home the winners last night.

Snake Bytes: 10/26 - World Series Eve

Tomorrow night, the team with MLB’s fourth largest payroll will play the role of David versus the Goliath of Houston in the first game of the 2022 Fall Classic.

Snake Bytes, 10/25: Lawlar gets collared 

Bad news from the Arizona Fall League

Snake Bytes: 10/22 - Segura, For Both Good and Bad

The Philadelphia Phillies took a 2-1 NLCS lead last night, thanks in large part to Jean Segura, who did a little bit of everything.

Snake Bytes: 10/19 - Homers Odyssey

The ALDS and the NLCS were both punctuated by some epic homers on Tuesday night.

Snake Bytes, 10/18: Baseball’s coming home...

Team GB are on their way...