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Snake Bytes

Snake Bytes 9/26: The Serpents

Zac Gallen and Ketel Marte give fans a glimpse of what should have been.

Snake Bytes: 9/25 - No Spoilage

Some of the Diamondbacks claim they relish this opportunity to play spoiler in the NL West. The thing is, in order to be a spoiler before the last game or two, the team needs to win.

Snake Bytes 9/21: Brave to ask

Hard to complain with an open-air Chase Field.

Snake Bytes 9/19: VarShow. S 1, Ep 14.

Daulton Varsho leads the way to another victory.

Snake Bytes: 9/18 - No Cigar

Madison Bumgarner had one of those outings where he reminds the world he used to be a very good pitcher, but even that was not enough, as the Diamondbacks were unable to survive the tenth inning and the Manfred Mann.

Snake Bytes: 9/15 - Seriously, No One Cares

The Dodgers are making their ninth consecutive trip to the postseason. The Diamondbacks are on pace to have their worst season ever. Ho-hum, no one cares anymore.

Snake Bytes 9/14: Going to the Chapel

Clayton Kershaw was too much for the D’backs to handle in his first start since July.

Snake Bytes 9/12: Emerald City

Daulton Varsho carried the Arizona Diamondbacks last night to snap yet another losing streak.

Snake Bytes: 9/8 - Hall of Fame Day

At least there is something newsworthy to discuss in the world of baseball, because the Diamondbacks sure aren’t giving us anything.

Snake Bytes 9/7: Race to the Bottom

A two game series of the Spiderman pointing at Spiderman meme begins against the Texas Rangers.

Snake Bytes 9/5: Sometime This Decade

Winning a World Series is cool but let’s win one in this decade, yeah?

Snake Bytes: 9/4 - Another Bum Outing

It took a while for Arizona’s bats to come to life, but it was all they could do to make up for the sub-par outing by Madison Bumgarner.

Snake Bytes: 9/1 - Rosters Expand

With roster expansion in effect, Luke Weaver will be tonight’s starter against the San Diego Padres.

Snake Bytes 8/31: An Alternate Universe

The last time Tyler Gilbert faced the San Diego Padres at Chase Field he and the defense behind him were flawless. Last night? Hardly.

Snake Bytes 8/29: Shutout

As the Philadelphia Phillies fight for their playoff lives, they keep the Arizona Diamondbacks off the scoreboard.

Snake Bytes: 8/28 - Sleepy Saturday Edition

Now that I decided to try sleeping in, I suppose I should hurry up and post something here before the earlier than usual first pitch in Philly.

Snake Bytes: 8/25 - Going Quietly

The Diamondbacks managed to score two runs late in the game, but it was simply too little, too late.

Snake Bytes 8/24: That’s Buc’d Up

Does the Arizona Diamondbacks’ bullpen hate us?

Snake Bytes 8/22: Snapback

Zac Gallen held a lead for Arizona through seven innings until the Diamondbacks’ bullpen did their thing.

Snake Bytes: 8/21 - A Rocky Second Start for Gilbert

Welcome to pitching in Coors Field, Tyler Gilbert.

Snake Bytes: 8/17 - Phillies, They’re What’s for Dinner

Snake Bytes 8/17: For Whom The Bell Tolls

Snake Bytes, 8/16: Broom denied

The D-backs discovered on Sunday that the Padres are a tougher opponent with Tatis about.

Snake Bytes 8/15: Carpe Diem

Everyone needed what Tyler Gilbert provided last night.

Snake Bytes: 8/14 - Snakes Strike

Madison Bumgarner had another good outing while Daulton Varsho and Ketel Marte carried the offense.

Snake Bytes: 8/11 - Errors, Errors Everywhere

Tuesday night was a perfect example of a bad team finding a way to lose.

Snake Bytes 8/10: Hiccup

Who hated the D’backs this much when creating the 2021 schedule?

Snake Bytes, 8/8: Hello, hello...

With DbacksEurope on vacation, you’re stuck with me.

Snake Bytes: 8/8 - The Song Remains the Same

Another entirely acceptable start ruined by Arizona’s blowpen.

Snake Bytes: 8/7 - Gold Medal Day

The Diamondbacks mounted an unlikely come-from-behind win last night and the U.S. is currently playing against Japan in the championship game at the Olympic Games.

Snake Bytes 8/6 - Stop Me If You Have Heard This One Before

Merrill Kelly was brilliant on Thursday, then the Diamondbacks’ bullpen found a way to ruin it all.

Snake Bytes: 8/4 - Giant Killers

The Diamondbacks pieced together an unlikely performance last night, beating the team with the best record in baseball.