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Snake Bytes

Snake Bytes 10/3: Postseason Edition

Only two seasons after losing 110 games, the Diamondbacks are playing a postseason game, their first since being unceremoniously ousted from the playoffs in 2017.

Snake Bytes, 10/2: Sheriff Pfaadtman

Let's go, Brandon...

Snake Bytes 9:27: Pouring It On

After dropping the ball in New York (again) the Diamondbacks took took on the White Sox in Chicago’s southside, with predictable results.

Snake Bytes 9/23: Diamondbacks Judged Unworthy

The Diamondbacks sent Brandon Pfaadt to the mound to face off against Aaron Judge and the Yankees. Predictable things followed.

Snake Bytes 9/20: They Might be Giants (Killers)

One of my favorite catchphrases for smallball baseball is, "Speed kills." The Snakes showed why on Tuesday night when their speed on the bases created havoc of a sort that put the Diamondbacks in the driver’s seat, both for the game and for the playoffs.

Snake Bytes, 9/18: Bear-hunting quota reached

The Cubs are now an endangered species.

Snake Bytes 9/16: Warning, Not Recommended for Those with Heart Conditions

Even strong, complete team games are starting to come with too much high-pressure drama.

Snake Bytes 9/13: Missed Opportunities Hurt

While Ryne Nelson did his best impression of a Christmas tree, the Arizona offense squandered enough opportunities to erase his troubles.

Snake Bytes, 9/11: New York, New York

The D-backs arrive in New York on the 22nd anniversary of 9/11

Snake Bytes 9/9: Big Game Gallen

With the Diamondbacks needing a win to continue to control their own destiny, Zac Gallen took to the mound against playoff hopeful Chicago (on the road even) and pitched a CGSO.

Snake Bytes, 9/4: Bird Strike

Ah, so that’s why they have the best record in the American League,,.

Snake Bytes 9/2: Back in the Win Column

After a poor showing against the division rival Dodgers, the Snakes turned things around against the best team in the AL.

Snake Bytes 8/30: Make It Stop

The Diamondbacks sent workhorse Merrill Kelly to the mound to get right against the Dodgers. But, the righty was unable to alter his terrible history against L.A.

Snake Bytes, 8/27: Entering boss level

I hope we brought our power-ups.

Snake Bytes 8/26: Craziness in the Desert Leads to Snake Celebration

A collision in shallow left, fan interference on a play at the wall, Gabi hits a triple, Martinez surrenders a salami, and Pfaadt notches his first win - all in the same game.

Snake Bytes 8/23: Chasing Down a Wild Card

In completing the two-game sweep of the Rangers, the Diamondbacks took control of the final NL Wild Card slot in the standings.

Snake Bytes, 8/21: A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall

No D-backs game, but California got pounded, and an ex-Diamondback flirted with perfection...

Snake Bytes 8/19: Oh My...

The offense and bullpen combined to spoil a gem by Brandon Pfaadt and Mother Nature has decided to change the schedule.

Snake Bytes 8/16: What Is Going On Here?

There were so many things about last night’s game that simply defied most logic. But, the Snakes won, and that’s almost all that matters.

Snake Bytes, 8/13: It's A Celebration

Big crowd, alumni on hand, and the end of a losing streak.

Snake Bytes 8/12: Crashing and Burning

Well, that was... something.

Snake Bytes 8/9: Against the Evil Empire of the West

The late offense wasn’t enough to save the Snakes in game one of the series against the division leading Dodgers.

Snake Bytes 8/5: Offense, Bullpen Come Up Short

Stop me if you have heard this one before.

Snake Bytes 8/2: Post-Deadline Super-Sized Edition

Yesterday was the trade deadline and a busy one it was. Here is some of the fallout.

Snake Bytes, 7/31: Impossible Mission?

Adios July. And you will not be missed...

Snake Bytes 7/29: Uninspiring

With the trade deadline only three days away, the Diamondbacks are no longer playing like a team that should be buying, putting Mike Hazen in a tough spot.

Snake Bytes 7/26: Stopping the Skid

Arizona began the process of righting the ship last night, stopping the losing streak and hopefully starting a winning one.

Snake Bytes, 7/25: The Sheriff gets gunned down

Nobody is happy with last night’s display

Snake Bytes, 7/24: Better Reds than Duds...

There's no place like home... There's no place like home...

Snake Bytes 7/19: Hand Egg Season Arrives Early

The Diamondbacks and Braves combined for more runs than one might expect points in a Cardinals/Falcons game.

Snake Bytes 7/15: Trouble in Toronto

The Diamondbacks looked like a team needing to knock the dust off when they played in Toronto last night.

Snake Bytes 7/12: Oh Crap, I Overslept Edition

Stay up too late to watch the ASG and miss waking up in time to post Snake Bytes - oops!