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Snake Bytes

Snake Bytes: 1/12 - Negotiation Eve

Negotiations are tentatively scheduled to resume tomorrow, but given that no one is currently feeling the squeeze, will there be any progress?

Snake Bytes: 12/20 - 10 million Buck

While the real dollar amount is not known, Buck Showalter is said to be the best paid manager in Mets’ history.

Snake Bytes: 12/15 - The Quiet Season

Even if there was no lockout, we are now entering the two-week period during which there is usually nothing much to report on in baseball.

Snake Bytes: 12/10 - Lockout Doldrums

Absolutely nothing happened today in sector 83 by 9 by 12.

Snake Bytes: 12/06 - Something to Byte

A Monday bytes just to provide you with a space to comment whatever you want.

Snake Bytes: 12/1: Two Minutes to Midnight

MLB and the Player’s Association have until midnight tonight to hammer out a deal before the CBA expires and the owners impose a lockout.

Snake Bytes: 11/29 - Flea Agency Market

Agents, players and owners are rushing to sign contracts before the lock-out sets in.

Snake Bytes: 11/27 - Diamondbacks Make a Trade, Mets Buy a Roster

The Diamondbacks made a low-key trade on Friday, one that likely has sealed the fate of another player on the current roster.

Snake Bytes: 11/24 - Is No News Good News?

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and the Diamondbacks are not a contender so, not much to report.

Snake Bytes: 11/22 - Hello Old Friend

Diamondbacks sign their former 1st round pick on a minor league contract.

Snake Bytes: 11/17 - More Free Agency and Buddy Kennedy

With the lockout now only 13 days away, free agents are running out of time to sign, which means there is something to write about today.

Snake Bytes: 11/15 - 77 millones

Eduardo Rodriguez becomes the first "bigger" free agent this off-season to sign a fat contract.

Snake Bytes: 11/13 - Christmas in November

Christmas came early for the Arizona Diamondbacks as they find themselves adding the game’s best pitching coach to their staff.

Snake Bytes: 11/10 - Awards Season is Underway

Last night, the Hank Aaron Awards were announce. The recipients should surprise no one.

Snake Bytes: 11/08 - Qualified

If you search for "qualifiers", "qualifying offer" and "qualified" Getty returns some weird pictures for the intro pic.

Snake Bytes: 11/6 - Offseason Indecisions

Buster Posey’s surprise retirement aside, the offseason decisions are slow in developing this year as teams and players prepare for a potential lockout.

Snake Bytes: 11/3 - Atlanta, Brave Enough!

The Atlanta Braves won their first World Series since 1995 with a convincing 7-0 victory in Houston on Tuesday night.

Snake Bytes 11/2: Jeff Banister enters the chat

Torey Lovullo made a fairly decent hire in Jeff Banister as his new bench coach.

Snake Bytes: 11/01 - All Saints Day

On All Saints Day Dodger fans all over the world are seen paying tribute to their last World Series win, in 1988, a memory past due.

Snake Bytes 10/31: Happy Halloween

The Atlanta Braves are one win away from a legitimate World Series title.

Snake Bytes: 10:30 - Night of the Pitcher

The pitching showed up for both sides last night. Atlanta’s wound up being slightly better, lifting the Braves to a 2-1 lead in the series.

Snake Bytes: 10/27 - Craziness Abounds

What’s next for the 2021 World Series?

Snake Bytes: 10/25 - No Milk Today

When there is no baseball there is not much to do about.

Snake Bytes 10/24: Sweet Victory

The Atlanta Braves saved the world from Armageddon. Los Angeles Dodger evil has been defeated. For now. Atlanta will face the Houston Astros in the 2021 World Series.

Snake Bytes: 10/23 - Astros Now Await Braves (Probably)

The Houston Astros punched their ticket back to the World Series with a dominating 5-0 victory over Boston and now await the winner of the NLCS, Game 6 of which is tonight.

Snake Bytes: 10/20 - LCS Tensions Running High

Both LCS games were decided late in comeback fashion.

Snake Bytes 10/19: Red Alert

For the second game in a row, the Boston Red Sox dashed the Houston Astros hopes with the long ball.

Snake Bytes: 10/18 - More Dodger Tears

All is right in the world when the Los Angeles Dodgers lose yet again in walk off fashion.

Snake Bytes 10/17: Dodger Tears

All is right in the world when the Los Angeles Dodgers lose in walk off fashion.

Snake Bytes: 10/16 - Let’s Play Two, LCS Edition

Houston jumped out to a 1-0 lead in the ALCS last night. Today, they will play game two, while the Dodgers and Braves will kick off the NLCS.

Snake Bytes: 10/13 - One More Game

The Dodgers took care of business, sending their NLDS series to Game 5. It is the only series left undecided.

Snake Bytes 10/12: Shaping Up

Both Championship Series can be set with teams as early as today.