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Where to Eat Around Salt River Fields

Going to a game at Salt River Fields but need to grab a bite outside the park? Let me help you pick something out.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

You're going to a game at Salt River Fields in Scottsdale, but you're not from the area and you have no idea what to get. Sure, there's the usual chain fare that's ubiquitous at Arizona shopping centers, but let's try to live a little, eh?

The following guide isn't meant to be the Absolute Best, or Most Representative of the neighborhood surrounding the Diamondbacks and Rockies Spring Training home. But it some of the food I like to get as someone who both lives and works in the area.

I Need to Get to Park Super Early to Gawk at Players/Get Autographs/Day Drink

I'd be remiss if I didn't suggest breakfast burritos, because this is Arizona and we love not-really Mexican food. You can't get a block without passing some neighborhood joint, but here's a couple good options.

Ventura Market - It's a running joke at my work about this gas station's breakfast burritos being surprisingly good, but seriously, they're pretty good. You can find better, sure, but this place has the advantage of being right on the way to Salt River Fields (almost next door) and being cheap. They make it on the premise, and have a whole pile of them ready to go in the morning. Get the chorizo, egg, potato, and cheese one.

America's Taco Shop - Next door to Ventura Market, for those of you who look down on gas station burritos. It's okay, but if you're going this direction you might as well continue on to the next option.

Filibertos - Everyone has a nightmare -etos story, the seemingly endless local chain of ripoffs and original Filibertos. Personally I prefer Los Betos on Hayden, but this one isn't too bad and you have the most options for breakfast burritos of the bunch.

Let's Pregame, Bruh!

No good options, sorry. If you want to drink and walk to the park, your best bet is Red Robins at the shopping center next door, but there's not any good watering holes unless you get a DD.

I Want Lunch/Dinner, but Only Eat Bar Food

Zipps - Local chain of sports bars, you'll get a decent mix on the menu and really nice burgers. The service is usually slow, so don't go if you're on a time crunch, but if you're looking to relax with some friends it's one of my favored places.

I Want Lunch/Dinner, but Not Bar Food

Canton Dragon - Nice variety, has a mixed Chinese menu that won't leave you feeling queasy.

China Lite - This place goes out of its way to minimize use of oil, and all the dishes just taste fresh and clean. Not a very big dining area, but one of my preferred spots.

Oregano's - Don't go here expecting authentic Italian food you can act a snob about because you saw the Godfather once or your great-grandma was totally from Sicily. They serve spicy, Italian-American food with huge portions. The wait is always long for a reason, but it's worth it.

I'm from New York and/or I'm Old

Chompie's - You're welcome.

I'm from Chicago

Portillo's - Now stop your whining.

That's just a selection of some of the food options around Salt River Fields, but if you have a particular favorite (or one to avoid), then sound off in the comments below.