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Cactus League Guide

Don't know what to eat or where to go? We live here; let us help you!

Looking for a nice Surprise? Places to eat & drink

Surprise Stadium... A nice stadium that is mostly surrounded by undeveloped dirt, but there are places to go if you're feeling the pains of hunger and thirst.

Spring Training Eats and Drinks: Tempe Diablo

The location of Tempe Diablo Stadium does not lend itself to the normal pre-game ritual of eating and drinking to save a few dollars, but there are still some places nearby for those looking to make an entire afternoon event out of going to a game.

Eating with the enemy: Camelback Ranch food picks

Of course, this is the Dodgers' home park, so one might ask why you would want to go here at all. I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure. But if you MUST eat...

Sloan Park: Just Eat in Tempe

Going to a game at Sloan Park but need to grab a bite outside the park? Let me help you pick something out.

Peoria Sports Complex: The place that's hip

The Padres and Mariners call it spring training. We call it Arrowhead. You'll call it "FRIGGEN SWEET".

Eating out in the Wild West: A Goodyear guide

One of the lesser known Cactus League parks, is home to the Reds and Indians. But if you're looking to eat in the area, what are your options?

Salt River Fields: Eats out in Left Field

Going to a game at Salt River Fields but need to grab a bite outside the park? Let me help you pick something out.

Scottsdale Stadium: Good Eats/Drinks in Old Town

Living only a mile from the Giants springtime home means that I am quite familiar with any and all places to drink and/or eat in the immediate area.