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Why I Won’t Be At Salt River Fields This Year


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Minor League Report: Non-Roster Invitees

Of the twenty-nine NRIs in camp, who is standing out?

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Snake Bytes, 3/4: Nick'd Up

Nick Ahmed was not happy when the team let him go...

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2024 Diamondbacks Non-Roster Invitees, Pt 5: Position players

More veterans and prospects finish off our round-up of the off 40-man players in spring, including some new arrivals.

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2023 Diamondbacks Player Reviews

2023 Diamondbacks Charts

Visualizing the Diamondbacks’ season

2023 Diamondbacks games

SnakePit Users' Guide

Diamondbacks 4, Brewers 10: E-Rock’d

Maybe Eduardo Rodriguez needs to warm up more?

Spring Training Gameday Thread, #10: 3/3 vs. Brewers

The first cuts are the deepest...

AZ Snakepit Fantasy Baseball 2024

You’ve talked a big game about how you’d be a better manager than the pros. Now is the time to put up!

Diamondbacks 1, Angels 4: The Diablo You Know...

A nice day for it, at least

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Spring Training Gameday Thread, #9: 3/2 @ Angels

Snake Bytes 3/2: Are We There Yet?

Spring Training continues. Another Boras client finally signs.

Diamondbacks 12, Reds 8: The hits keep on coming

Arizona had their batting heads on in Goodyear

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Alek Thomas and Power Optimization

Arizona Diamondbacks: March confidence poll

The 2024 roster has largely taken shape.

Diamondbacks 2, Giants 1: Quick, and to the point

But there’s concern after Christian Walker had to leave the game

Spring Training Gameday Thread, #7: 2/29 vs. Giants

A rare Leap Day game for the D-backs.

The Giants miss a Giant...(and probably a couple more)

But still better than the Rockies.

Snake Bytes: 2/29 Wait, what day?

Diamondbacks Reacts Survey

Question time!

Diamondbacks 8, Guardians 6: Henry looks good again

His second outing was just as impressive as his first

2024 Fangraphs Diamondbacks Projection: Right field

Can Corbin Carroll avoid a sophomore slump?

Snake Bytes: 2/28

The Diamondbacks and Rangers had a World Series re-match yesterday - sort of.

Who Should Bat In Front of Joc Pederson?

Diamondbacks 3, Rangers 10: And moving RAPIDLY on...

It’s only spring training. :)

Spring Training Gameday Thread, #5: 2/27 vs. Rangers

Our first chance to see E-Rod in action. For real this time!

Snake Bytes 2/27: We lost to WHICH TEAM?

A gentle reminder to all fans that Spring Training is a whole different type of baseball game than Regular Season or Playoffs

SnakePit Round Table: Play ball!

Diamondbacks 8, Athletics 9: Lin-cidental damage

Probably for the best this one wasn’t on TV...

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Did Ryne Nelson Finally Figure Out his Slider?

Snake Bytes, 2/26: Encouraging Early Signs

Yeah, it's the Rockies and White Sox. Still, better than losing!

2024 Diamondbacks Non-Roster Invitees, Pt 4: Catchers

Including probably the NRI with the best shot of an Opening Day spot

Diamondbacks 5, White Sox 0: Nearly a no-no

Arizona took a no-hitter into the ninth inning. Well, for a while.