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Snake Bytes 9:27: Pouring It On

After dropping the ball in New York (again) the Diamondbacks took took on the White Sox in Chicago’s southside, with predictable results.

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Diamondbacks 15 @ White Sox 4

Pale Faced with the season hanging over the abyss? Arizona looked past Davies’ typical start to destroy that other Chicago team and their run differential

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Diamondbacks Gameday Thread, #157: 9/25 @ White Sox

It’s effectively a six-game season now.

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Meme Mon... er, Tuesday 9/25: Go Wild!

Rescheduled due to rain. :)

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The Arizona Diamondbacks and the 2023 Draft

Covering the ins and outs of the decisions facing Arizona in the upcoming first year player draft taking place from July 9-11.

2023 Diamondbacks Charts

Visualizing the Diamondbacks’ season

2023 Diamondbacks games

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Miguel Castro

He is close to a career best season.

Snake Bytes 9/26: Goodbye Goodbye

A rough loss in the Bronx has fans dispirited while the team holds their destiny in their fingertips

Series Preview #51: Diamondbacks @ White Sox

Diamondbacks need to take advantage of a weak opponent before the Astros visit Phoenix.

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Reno Roundup: The Rehab of the Infirm Man Fails

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Diamondbacks 4, Yankees 6. Lazy Late Losing.

The Diamondbacks lost a viable game, blowing a lead 3 times.

Diamondbacks Gameday Thread, #156: 9/24 @ Yankees

Bring your waterproofs.

Snake Bytes, 9/25: Rain or shine

Weather could not stop the D-backs, it could only slow them down.

SnakePit Round Table: Gut-check time

The last week, and all to play for from the Diamondbacks

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Diamondbacks 7, Bronx Bombers 1: Rain and Beards, Beards and Rain; Very Nice, Good Night

Diamondbacks Gameday Thread, #155: 9/23 @ Yankees

We’ll see "weather" or not this gets played...

Snake Bytes 9/24: Postponed Edition

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Sod Poodles 6, Missions 3: Champs of the South

Pit Your Wits ‘23: Week 24

Possibly the most anticlimactic final prompt ever

Snake Bytes 9/23: Diamondbacks Judged Unworthy

The Diamondbacks sent Brandon Pfaadt to the mound to face off against Aaron Judge and the Yankees. Predictable things followed.

Diamondbacks 1, Bronx Bombers 7: Judge Happens

Three times, as it happened. Also, I jinxed Pfaadt, and jinxed us against Luke Weaver.

Diamondbacks Gameday Thread, #154: 9/21 @ Yankees

Things are looking even better than the last time Arizona took the field.

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Sod Poodles 7, Missions 4: Outhit But Not Outgunned

SnakeBytes 9/21: And... breathe

I think we all needed that off day before the Dbacks headed back to New York

Series Preview #50 : Diamondbacks @ Yankees

The Diamondbacks need to win this series.

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Sod Poodles 11, Missions 12: Thrown Away

The Diamondbacks’ Journey Back From Nearly Out-of-Contention 

Your Random D-Back: Casey Fossum

Fooling with the Fossum Flip.

Snake Bytes 9/21: Sweeper Cell

D-Backs 7, Giants 1: Mini-Sweep is Oh So Sweet

TL;DR: D-Backs ride a well-rounded offense and an excellent start from Merrill Kelly to a mini-sweep and a fifth straight win.

Corbin Carroll becomes first rookie to post 25 HR/50 SB season

I think the Rookie of the Year title is in the bag now.

‘Create Chaos’ shirt available

You should run to get one of these...

Diamondbacks Gameday Thread, #153: 9/20 vs. Giants

A chance basically to end the Giants’ play-off hopes this afternoon.