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2023 Debuting Diamondbacks Moms

Probably the last article about 2023.

Cleveland Indians v Oakland Athletics Photo by Brad Mangin/MLB via Getty Images

I remember the very first time I went to soccer, which was (and still is) Europe’s number 1 sport. We had a team at our school, but it wasn’t serious and it would play only on occasion. Heck, most schools didn’t even have a team! It is pretty much everywhere the same around Europe, where you play sports on a federated team, which is a team that is associated to the national federation and where everyone plays and parents pay a contribution fee.

That is how I went the first time to soccer practice. The team was the best in the city and we joined it because the head master of my school was also the club’s president. It was a hot day in August and when we arrived at the sports park there was a guy shouting at the entrance about what category had to go to which locker room. I had no clue what the guy was talking about and my mother neither. When we asked it turned out that categories were associated to age and so he pointed us to the right direction and I went into the locker room to change and saw a couple of my friends from school.

That is the pretty much the closest memory I have from a sports debut. I still haven’t had my entrance to a big league, so I am still pretty much pumped up for that day to arrive, although considering my age the best opportunity I have of debuting at some level is probably either a darts league or maybe curling for the national team of Spain (or maybe I have a bigger shot of making the Moroccan team).

A good alternative though is seeing my kids debut at some level. I really hoped for my kid to play baseball here. He had a nice swing and hit the ball well, but COVID ruined everything so he joined a soccer team and is now hopelessly benched or to nice to the opponent on the pitch. I stopped going to his games to avoid major frustrations. Fair chance he won’t ever make it to an interesting level either any more in whatever sport. The girl did synchronized swimming which was fun to see, but the teacher left the swimming club and they couldn’t find a substitute so that was over as well. Fingers crossed for something else, she is still just 8 years old.

But there is a good chance I will never be able to experience what the persons coming up have had: to see their kid make his or her dreams come true (although in today’s society: is it always the kid’s dream or their parent’s dream?).

In 2023 the Diamondbacks saw 9 players make their debut. Brandon Pfaadt, Dominic Fletcher and Justin Martinez were probably expected to. Dominic Canzone, Bryce Jarvis, Jordan Lawlar and Carlos Vargas had a really good shot at making their appearance at the highest level, but them coming up was perhaps still somewhat of a surprise. Finally, the call-ups for Slade Cecconi and Andrew Saalfrank were logical, but probably less expected at the beginning of the season.

I found 4 videos from moms/parents talking about their son’s debut this year. Enjoy, because, wrapping up your emotions and your kid’s lifetime trip to a professional debut in less than 2 minutes and make it all a comprehensible conversation...that’s...difficult, shall we say...

In the Can Zone

I think there was a misplaced “yes!” in there when mom Canzone couldn’t hide her preferences for the local team on a hard hit from Jonathan India, but it was funny to hear that: “Dominic used to fall asleep...I probably shouldn’t say this, with his thumb in his mouth and his bobbleheads”.

Saalfrank’s mom

Yeah, that’s what I call an emotional interview. Can’t leave the daughter out, of course. Nor the tears. Hearing that “every mom thinks their son...” reminded me of my dad. I still get to hear that you could have become a professional soccer player if I had just lived a bit more for it, haha!

Cecconi’s mom

“Oh, yeah, he [Dad Cecconi] is totally in the building, but it’s typical in our family that we do not typically watch the games together because we have different ways of approaching them”.

Jarvis’ parents

“No, he’s got all the advice he needs from dad”. Yeah, when your father is a former major league pitcher and mom witnessed that too, there isn’t much left for mom to tell her son.

Here’s to more mom (and dad) video’s next season!


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