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Snake Bytes 2/10: Baby It’s Cold Outside

Pitchers and Catchers will be reporting soon. They’ll be hoping for something a bit warmer when they arrive.

Diamondbacks News

MLB Will Produce Diamondbacks Games Again in 2024
In a move that likely is surprising to absolutely no pone, Arizona will continue to have it’s broadcasts handled by MLB with the same terms as last year. In-market viewers with the MLB package can add Diamondbacks games for $19.99. Those out of market viewers with the MLB package will continue to get all the games for the cost of the package.

Other Baseball News

Venezuela Shuts Out Dominican Republic, Wins Caribbean Series Title
Before a raucous crowd of 36,677 at loanDepot park on Friday – the largest in Caribbean Series history and bigger than that of the 2023 World Baseball Classic final between the United States and Japan at the same venue (36,098) — the Tiburones de la Guaira (Venezuela) captured their first ever title in the tournament of winter league champions, with a 3-0 win over Tigres del Licey (Dominican Republic)

Two-Time Cy Young Award Winner, Corey Kluber Retires
Corey Kluber called it quits on Friday, ending a storied 13-year career that saw him stand as one of the best pitchers in the game for a solid five seasons during which he garnered two Cy Young Awards.

Billy Eppler Placed On Ineligible List Through 2024 World Series
The fact that it was Billy Eppler and the Mets singled out for abusing the IL, despite other far more egregious violators out there, continues to to drive the narrative that MLB is determined to pave the way for the Dodgers to win a trophy.

Proposal to Include MLB Players in the 2028 Los Angeles Games Faces Olympian Hurdles
I can only imagine the fan outrage if someone was to pick up an injury during this “pointless exhibition tournament”. For what it’s worth, I’m entirely for pre-empting the All-Star break this year in order to allow these players to represent their countries.

The Top Candidates For Long-Term Extensions
Bobby Witt, Jr. and Jose Altuve have inked deals to stay where they have found success. Who makes the most sense to be next? (Yes, Gabriel Moreno makes the list.)

The 2024 Pre-Spring Training ZiPS Projected Standings: National League
With a record of 84-78, the Diamondbacks are pegged to finish second in both the NL West and NL Wild Card.

Shohei Ohtani Plans to Behave the Rookie Again in Los Angeles
Freaking uber-humble superstar talents, what are you going to do with them?