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Snake Bytes: 1/7 Doldrums

Man by the sea Photo by Matthias Balk/picture alliance via Getty Images

Looking Ahead to Diamondbacks 2025 Payroll Flexibility

It’s not even the 2024 season, yet!

Two 2024 Breakout Candidates in the Diamondbacks Farm System

There is an SI review about Marte that was posted yesterday, and I would appreciate it if Jack or Micheal don’t link to it in the comments below, since my review is scheduled for tonight. Ive included the SI piece in my article.

Where Barnhart, Newman fit for the D-backs

Robbie Ray returns to NL West as Giants acquire veteran LHP, Mariners get OF Mitch Haniger back

Giants acquire Robbie Ray; Haniger, DeSclafani to Seattle

New York Mets claim INF Diego Castillo from Arizona Diamondbacks

Mets In Agreement On Two-Year Deal With Sean Manaea

This day in history:
First US Presidential election, in 1789.

This day in baseball:
1915 - The Detroit Tigers waive Wally Pipp to the New York Yankees. Pipp hit .161 in 12 games, but he’ll eventually anchor first base in New York for a decade until Lou Gehrig’s appearance.

Moonshiners wore cow shoes to evade the police.

These shoes were believed to have origins from the stories of Sherlock Holmes where a crook would use fake cow hooves on his horse to escape. Moonshiners decided they could do the same thing and attach cow hooves onto their shoes.

There is a city in Oregon called Boring.

It also has a sister city called Dull in Scotland. This town was named after its founder William H. Boring.

Leeches were used to predict the weather.

This was a common practice during the Victorian era. However, further research proved that this type of prediction method was not reliable.

This morning