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Snake Bytes: 1/28 Standing in the Hall of Fame

Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

You can see Flipper on the ground. Did a fake hustle dive into first...

Contract years: Diamondbacks entering final season of team control

The Best Fastballs in the Diamondbacks Farm System

Diamondbacks 2024 Player Projections: Scott McGough

Oakland A’s in Agreement with Former San Francisco Giants Pitcher

Does he know they’re not in Vegas, yet?

‘I’m throwing the Deathball’: Stripling adds new pitch to repertoire

“I’m throwing the ‘Deathball,’” Stripling told Ari Alexander, a reporter for KPRC 2 in Houston. “Which is essentially an inefficient spinning slider that, from my arm angle really high; if you can cut the efficiency of the spin, it basically can’t move horizontally, so the only way it can go is down. So it’s just kind of like a funky, downward, harder slider that guys from high arm angles are trying to figure out.”

Marlins unveil new threads for 2024 season at FanFest

Former Dodgers Right-Hander Being Connected With Murder Trial: Reports

Anything Goes

This day in history:
The American League was gounded in 1901, and the Challenger explosion occurred in 1986.
Yesterday was the 79th anniversary of the Soviet Red Army liberating Auschwitz Concentration Camp.
January 27th is International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

This day in baseball:

Since 1945, all British tanks are equipped with tea-making facilities. Having 30 tanks destroyed by the Germans while English soldiers were taking a 15-minute tea break, British high command realized if tank crews could make a brew on the go, then they wouldn’t be susceptible to being caught with their pants down and their kettles out by the enemy.

How very British.

In 1710, Native American leaders traveled to Britain to visit Queen Anne. The four Mohawk Kings from one of the Iroquois Confederacy’s Five Nations and the Algonquian peoples were treated with high honor as diplomats. Transported through the streets of London in Royal Carriages, they were personally met by the Queen herself at the Court of St. James Palace.