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2024 SnakePit Hall of Fame: Adrian Beltre and Joe Mauer are elected

We still don’t like Todd Helton much, however.

Texas Rangers v Minnesota Twins Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images

SnakePit Hall of Fame Inductees

  • 2015 - Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez
  • 2016 - Ken Griffey Jr.
  • 2017 - Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio, Vladimir Guerrero, Mike Piazza, Curt Schilling, John Smoltz
  • 2018 - Chipper Jones, Ivan Rodriguez, Edgar Martinez
  • 2019 - Mariano Rivera, Trevor Hoffman, Jim Thome
  • 2020 - Roy Halladay, Derek Jeter
  • 2021 - None
  • 2022 - None
  • 2023 - David Ortiz
  • 2024 - Adrian Beltre, Joe Mauer

2024 voting

Perhaps surprisingly, Mauer qualified with a higher percentage than Beltre. The latter, in fact, just snuck in with the absolute bare minimum. One more ballot without him listed, would have seen him fail to make it in on the first try. Considering the ease with which he made it into Cooperstown, that’s a little surprising. Be curious if the people who chose not to vote for him explain themselves in the comments. The SnakePit academy was also less enamored with Todd Helton, who made it into Cooperstown at the sixth time of asking, but fell short again here. His number have remained fairly static over the last few years, polling 64%, 67% and now 65%. Close, but not close enough.

Scott Rolen also remains one of the areas where Cooperstown and SnakePit Towers disagree. Only half of voters here think he should be enshrined, so he has some work to do. He will have three more attempts on our ballot. Interestingly, the SnakePit voters were also much less impressed with Billy Wagner’s credentials: he just missed out on Cooperstown, but a minority voted in favor of him. Is this part of a general feeling that closers are over-rated? On the other hand, the SnakePit clearly loves them some Bartolo Colon: he actually got MORE raw votes here, despite a much smaller electorate. In contrast to Helton, Matt Holliday was loved-up: whether or not he ever touched home plate.

Quite a few candidates failed to surpass the 5% threshold and so will not be present on next year’ ballot, including Paul Goldschmidt’s favorite piñata, Tim Lincecum. Most of those names had already been eliminated from the Cooperstown list, so this is something of a course correction. On the other hand, Lance Berkman and Paul Konerko will soldier on into the 2025 ballot, long after they have been eliminated from the larger poll. However, there was general agreement at the bottom of the list, where Brandon Phillips, Jose Reyes and James Shields, all received zero votes from the SnakePit jury, and just one between them with regard to Cooperstown.

A number of people took advantage of the unlimited number of players for whom they could vote, in contrast to the 10-man limit applied to Cooperstown. 20% chose to vote for more than ten, all the way up to one ballot which listed twenty-two names on it. At the other end, one person voted for just two players, and several submitted only three names. Though unlike last season, there were no blank ballots submitted. The average number of names per ballot from the SnakePit electorate was 8.3.

Thanks to all who took part. As usual, feel free to reveal your ballot in the comments, if you wish to do so (no obligation, of course). We’ll be back late in the year with the 2025 ballot, when it looks very likely that Ichiro will be the top contender, with other names potentially present including C.C. Sabathia.