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Snake Bytes 1/23: Diamondbacks Sign Two More

Okay, so the signings are minor league signings, but I that’s what goes for news these days.

Diamondbacks News

D-Backs Sign Dylan File, Dakota Chalmers To Minor League Deals
These are the sorts of signings that will become prevalent throughout the league over the next three to six weeks. The Diamondbacks have signed right-handers Dylan File and Dakota Chalmers to minor league contracts, according to their Triple-A team in Reno. Chalmers will get an invite to big league Spring Training.

Designated Hitter Possibilities For Diamondbacks
You know we have reached the slowest part of the baseball news cycle when even MLBTR is starting to recycle content. Colour this writer wholly unimpressed with any of the listed options, given that Hoskins wants to play the field and the Athletics have no reason to trade Rooker this year for anything other than an overpay.

Other Baseball News

Pirates To Sign Aroldis Chapman
Now that he has himself a second ring, Chapman was free to shamelessly chase the money, and Pittsburgh was more than happy to oblige, signing the embattled lefty to a 1-year/$10.5MM pact.

Dodgers Nearing Deal With James Paxton
At least it isn’t Blake Snell.

Everything to Know for Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot Reveal
The Baseball Writers’ Association of America portion of the Hall of Fame election will be announced at 6 p.m. ET (4 p.m. local) today, with one surefire candidate who will get in, several players who are going to be really close and a few others hoping to make progress to the 75% threshold required. The fact that there are, at a minimum, two voters who declined to vote for Adrian Beltre still boggles my mind.