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Snake Bytes: 1/21

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Hop field in the snow Photo by Felix Kästle/picture alliance via Getty Images

Diamondbacks working to avoid being one-hit playoff wonders

Gallen said there is unfinished business. “I think that’s the thing,” he said. “We have such a young clubhouse that guys are like, ‘No, we still have things to prove.’ And I think when you get that close and you aren’t successful, it definitely leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.”
Tommy Henry “Fully Healthy,” Looking Ahead to 2024

“I think ultimately continuing to build a routine that allows me to be the most consistent, and produce the highest quality at the highest consistency that I can, so that I’m the best version of myself every five days as often as I can be,” Henry said, when asked what he wanted to carry into the 2024 season with him. So it’s building a routine for me, that keeps me healthy and able to do that for 34 starts, while performing at my best.”

The Best Hit Tools in the Diamondbacks Farm System

Diamondbacks 2024 Player Projections: Geraldo Perdomo

When will the Diamondbacks, other Cactus League teams report to spring training?

Astros agree to 5-year deal with star closer Hader

“We think we have a good team, and it adds a big piece to the back of our bullpen,” Astros owner Jim Crane told “With Pressly and Abreu [and Hader], you have three quality guys, 7-8-9, wherever they pitch. We think it gives us a nice chance to get to the playoffs and make a run at another World Series.

Cards reunite with Carpenter on one-year deal

Angels reach contract with reliever Stephenson

Mize, Tigers avoid arbitration with 1-year deal
The time Beltré got ejected for the funniest reason possible

Anything Goes

This day in history:

This day in baseball:
It is BK Kim’s bday.

100 million years ago, the Sahara Desert was inhabited by galloping crocodiles. Back then, the Sahara Desert was a lush oasis full of life and full of predators. In 2009, fossil hunters found the remains of crocodiles that had large land-going legs that were capable of galloping across the land at breakneck speeds!

One man survived both the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and then later Nagasaki. Tsutomu Yamaguchi was a 29-year-old Naval Engineer on a three-month business trip to Hiroshima. He survived the atomic bomb on August 6th, 1945, despite being less than 2 miles away from ground zero. On August 7th, he boarded a train back to his hometown of Nagasaki. On August 9th, while being with colleagues at an office building, another boom split the sound barrier. A flash of white light filled the sky. Yamaguchi emerged from the wreckage with only minor injuries on top of his current injuries. He had survived two nuclear blasts in two days.